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Celeste Guap ‘teen prostitute’ scandal deepens for Oakland PD: Mayor Libby Schaff ‘Loses Confidence’ in interim Police Interim Chief Ben Fairow, Removes Him Immediately

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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff, fires OPD’s Interim Chief, Ben Fairow after five days on Job

Mayor lost confidence in OPD amid growing sex scandal, spreading to other bay area police depts

Allegations Chief Fairow had inappropriate sexual relationship years ago, unrelated to current Oakland Police Dept ‘teen prostitute’ sex scandal.

Assistant Chief, Paul Figueroa, appointed acting Oakland police chief

Two Oakland officers  resigned, three others placed on leave after revealation of inapropriate behavior by officers towards teen

San Francisco PD now conducting review to determine if any of their officers had inappropriate contact with Ms Guap

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Interim OPD Chief Ben Fairow, sacked after 5 days amid rumours of past improper sexual conduct
San Francisco police are conducting a review to determine if their officers had inappropriate contact with a teen girl at the center of a growing sex scandal in the East Bay.
Officials say Oakland Police interim Chief Ben Fairow has been relieved of his duties amid a growing sex scandal involving Oakland and several other Bay Area departments.
On Wednesday afternoon, officials announced an inspector in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office was put on administrative leave in possible connection to the widening sex scandal involving a teen girl. “While it is our practice not to discuss pending investigations, I can firmly state that we do not and will not turn a blind eye to human trafficking or the sexual exploitation of a minor, whether the offender is a civilian or a law enforcement officer,” Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said. “The alleged conduct of the officers in this matter is not in line with what our office and the wider community feel is acceptable for those who are sworn to protect and serve.
oakland mayor libby schaaf chief sean whent
Mayor Libby Schaff and former Chief Sean Whent, who she fired for covering up the sexual miconduct with 14 of his officers.
 Paul Figueroa1.jpg
Oakland Police Department Assistant Chief Paul Figueroa is the new  the acting chief
Last week Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff said Fairow was the person who could lead
the city’s department through a difficult time. On Wednesday, she had to acknowledge she made a mistake. “I take responsibility for this decision,” she said.
Just six days after appointing Fairow, Schaaf had to take it back after learning new information about her selection. “The information that I received raised concerns for me about whether he can effectively lead this department at this particular moment in time and during this critical transition,” Schaff said.
“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity,” Fairow said.
Fairow was on loan from the BART police force. Before that, Fairow spent many years with the Oakland Police Department. “I’m shocked, my members are seeking some kind of stability and this is the furthest you could come from stability,” Oakland Police Officers Association spokesperson Barry Donelan said.
celeste-guap-intvu3Celeste Guap, the teenage prostitute whose relationship with 24 cops in the bay area has led to the loss of high profile police jobs and the death of one policeman
brendan-o'brien-celeste-guap5Officer Brendan O’Brien the first offcer to have sex with 16-year-old Celeste: His death and suicide note sparked off the investigation into OPD conduct
Schaaf brought Fairow in last week, when former Oakland Police Department Chief Sean Whent resigned amid a growing sex scandal involving as many as 14 Oakland officers and inappropriate relationships with a teenager who calls herself Celeste Guap.
Although Schaaf wouldn’t say what information led her to dismiss Fairow, ABC7 News learned he had an inappropriate sexual relationship years ago that is unrelated to the current Oakland Police Department scandal. “Everything that’s been going on since this story broke has been embarrassing. The question is how much more embarrassing can it get,” Oakland City Councilmember Larry Reid said.
Schaaf named Oakland Police Department Assistant Chief Paul Figueroa as the acting chief, but said she plans to look outside the department for a permanent replacement. “The supervisors have not done their jobs,” Civil Rights attorney John Burris said.
Earlier, Burris and Jim Chanin annouced they want increased federal oversight of the Oakland Police Department’s recruitment and hiring practices, given the officers involved in the current sex scandal were all hired after 2013.
The sex scandal has been confined to departments in the East Bay, but ABC7 News learned Wednesday that San Francisco police are now also conducting a review to determine if any of their officers had inappropriate contact with the teen girl at the center of the sex scandal in the East Bay.
Two Oakland officers have resigned, and three others have been placed on leave. Other law enforcement agencies in the area also are investigating possible misconduct by their officers.
Schaaf appointed Fairow after Chief Sean Whent abruptly resigned last week amid allegations that several officers had sex with an underage girl.


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