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Pictures of Reeva Steenkamp’s horrific wounds shown in court: The South African model was murdered by ‘blade runner’ Oscar Pistorius

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Judge makes public photos of Reeva Steenkamp’s extensive wounds after ‘blade runner’ Pistorius battered her with baseball bat before shooting her

As photos of Reeva’s injuries were exposed, Oscar Pistorius, 29, takes heart tugging walk across courtroom on his stumps

Images released after family begged the court for the ‘world to see’ Reeva’s pain

Oscar shot Reeva shot in the head, elbow and hip through the bathroom door in his house, valentine’s day 3 years ago

Facing 15 years minimum for the murder of model,

Second trial for Oscar. Verdict and sentence from first trial set aside on appeal, murder charge reinstated for manslaughter, same judge presiding

Oscar Pistorius15Oscar Pistorius shielded through the throng and media at the court house for the verdict

Curiously, despite the Supreme Court of Appeal overtuning the verdict in the first trial as  a ‘flawed’ ruling.  This tmurder rial is presided by the same judge, whose application of the law in the first the previous murder trial  was later criticised by the superior court. The Appeals Court set aside her ruling when they overturned the manslaughter conviction she had handed down and replaced it with one of murde, now she has the sole responsibility for deciding the punishment for the former sports icon.

Oscar Pistorius17.png
Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius, were an A-list couple in South Africa
Reeva Steenkamp1The model was shot three times through a bathroom door in Pistorius’s house on Valentines Day 2013

Judge Thokozile Masipa released six of the bloody pictures, taken at the scene of the crime, showing the model’s horrendous head injuries. She was shot in the head, elbow and hip through the bathroom door at Pistorius’s house in 2013.
Steenkamp was struck by three military-grade Black Talon bullets. The shells are designed to get bigger once they hit their target, causing further damage to the model’s body.

Reeva Steenkamp7.pngThe model was shot three times through a bathroom door in Pistorius’s house on Valentines Day 2013

The sickening photos illustrate exactly how much pain Steenkamp was in while she lay dying in the Blade Runner’s house on Valentine’s Day three years ago.
As reported  “There were scores for them to look at and they bravely chose the ones that showed the horrific impact of her injuries.
“It was a very painful process for them, but they are very anxious that people know exactly what their daughter went through on the night she died.”

Reeva Steenkamp8.pngJudge Thokozile Masipa released six of the crime scene photos dipicting the   model’s horrendous head injuries

These unnerving photos have been released the same day that Pistorius was forced throw himself at the mercy of the court, walking across the courtroom on his stumps in a play for leniency. Pistorius who is facing at least 15 years in jail for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp
teetered pathetically on his stumps in front of a packed court room today in a desperate bid to convince the judge he was too vulnerable to have murdered his girlfriend intentionally,
looking humiliated and distressed as he was asked to remove his prosthetic limbs and expose his stumps to the televised hearing which will decide what punishment he will face.

Barry Steenkamp1.png
Barry Steenkamp begged the judge to let the world see his daughter ‘ Reeva’s pain

During his evidence in the witness box, Pistorius described the discomfort of wearing prosthetic legs, or his iconic carbon blades, and the sores that he had to tend on a regular basis.
His sentencing hearing heard how his stumps became infected while in jail.

State attorney Gerrie Nel said he would support Mr Steenkamp’s demand for the ‘world to see’ the extent of Reeva’s injuries, with the ban to be lifted on publishing pictures of her bullet-riddled body.
“Isn’t it time for the world to see what Oscar Pistorius did with Black Talon rounds to Reeva Steenkamp’s head?” he told the court, referring to the expanding bullets used by Pistorius in the killing. The deadly ammunition is used by the military and designed to expand upon impact, wreaking devastating damage to the flesh it strikes.
He also questioned Pistorius’ claim of remorse, despite giving no consistent explanation for what happened on the night Reeva was shot dead.
“Remorse without a credible explanation is impossible – remorse for what?’ he demanded to know.

Oscar Pistorius14.jpg
Oscar the track star represented his country in the sprints despite of his handicap
Oscar Pistorius1.pngPistorius changed from a suit into a hoodie and shorts, then walked across the courtroom on just his stumps in aplay for leniency from the court during sentencing

The defense played their trump card when Pistorius who had changed from a suit into a hoodie and a pair of shorts during a recess in proceedings, teetered pathetically on his stumps in front of a packed court room today in a desperate bid to convince the judge he was too vulnerable to have murdered his girlfriend intentionally or serve a lengthy jail term.

Oscar Pistorius7The blade runner Oscar Pistorius walks across the courtroom on his prothesis

There was an awkward moment when Barry Steenkamp was forced to stand to make way for his daughter’s killer as he left the dock for the dramatic demonstration.
His tee shirt wet with sweat and his red eyes filled with tears, Pistorius paused at the side of the court to remove his prosthetic limbs in the full view of the packed court.
The spectacle of the onece haughty superstar tottering across the court room prompted a number of family members, fans and members of the public to break down in tears.
Loud sobs echoed around the wood-pannelled room as all eyes watched Pistorius move unsteadily, and much dramatically reduced in height, towards the front of the court.

Oscar Pistorius5Was this humiliation or exhaustion? Oscar covered in sweat sits down after his walk of shame across the court room
The sprinter was drenched in sweat and broke down after his humiliating ordeal

As he struggled to stand still in front of the judge, and in the glare of live television coverage, a cameraman had to step forward to support him.

His therapist leapt to his aid, guiding him towards the front bench of the court which he clutched to maintain his balance.
Pistorius, 29, appeared so humiliated by the demonstration that he could only stare at the floor, tears flooding down his cheeks, as his lawyer told the court how he did not wish ’to hide behind his fame’.
When the strain of tottering became too much, he knelt down, before wiping his eyes with a tissue passed to him by one of his legal team.
Pistorius’ sister Aimee, and his close friend Jenna Edkins, wiped tears from their eyes at the excruciating demonstration of the athlete’s vulnerability.

Oscar Pistorius18.pngOscar’s home. This is where the ‘Blade Runner’ murdered his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s day, three years ago
Oscar Pistorius19.pngOscar Pistorius breaks down in court
Mr Steenkamp, 72, then had to stand for a second time to allow the wretched Pistorius to return to the sanctuary of the dock where he bent over, his powerful shoulders shaking as he sobbed.
Closing his powerful argument in favour of leniency, Mr Roux reminded the judge that punishment was ‘not meant to break the offender’.
Oscar Pistorius16.pngThe prison cell in which Oscar Pistorius stayed at the Kgosi Mampuru II Prison in Pretoria.

Martin had to mount the spirited closing to counter the image of the aggresive Oscar presented by prosecution a day earlir during cross A prison nurse, Charlotte Mashabane, told the court how Pistorius was a violent inmate.
Shesaid that Pistorius had been aggressive towards her on three separate occasions.The prisoner once smashed his hand into a table in rage when she would not allow him to have medication his family brought. although he knew that alll medication brought into the prison had to be approved by the prison doctor.
She said: “He started again with the anger, that I must give him the medication, with this face, with this anger.”
On another occasion in March 2015, she said the sprinter screamed and shouted at her as she went about her morning rounds.
When asked by the defence if she considered Pistorius to be violent, she said: “Yes, sometimes he could [be violent].”
The earlier senetence had Pistorius serving just a year of his five-year sentence behind bars and the remainder of the sentence  under house arrest .  A fresh conviction for murder will have the athlete facing at least 15 years in prison for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. His sentencing has been set for 6 July, 2016.

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