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Kayla Dixon, Georgia teen sentenced to 40 years after admitting to killing man for a Playstation 4 in Craigslist robbery

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Kayla Dixon, 18, sentenced 40 years in prison, pled guilty to killing a man during Craigslist sale of his video gaming system

Teen took the plea on the same day her trial was to begin

Boyfriend Nathaniel Vivian sold his PS4 for rent money, plotted with Dixon, then 16, to rob new console in a Craigslist scheme

Dixon, admits shooting and killing Danny Zeitz during robbery, ready to testify against Vivian in later trial

Kayla Dixon1.jpg
Kayla Dixon, listens as she is sentenced to 40 years after taking plea deal, admitting to shooting Danny Zeitz in the chest, killing him

A Georgia teen will spend 40 years behind bars after a slaying over a Playstation 4 during a Craigslist robbery.

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After selling his own PS4 to pay rent, Nathaniel Vivian and his girlfriend, Kayla Dixon, then 16, plotted to rob a new console in a Craigslist scheme in 2014, police said.
Dixon, now 18, admitted to firing a bullet through her boyfriend’s hand and Danny Zeitz’s chest during the robbery, killing the seller.
“I would trade anything, almost anything to bring Daniel back. But I know I can’t,” the teary-eyed teen said in a statement in the courtroom on Monday. “I know he had plans. I wish I could tell him, ‘I’m so, so sorry this happened,’ but I can’t.”


Kayla Dixon3.jpgFamily members of Kayla Dixon (background) listen last year, as friends and family members of the victim Daniel John Zeitz (foreground) sit in front of them during a hearing for Dixon at Fulton County Superior Court

Cops busted the killer and her boyfriend after they rushed to Northside Hospital and claimed they were the victims of a robbery.
Prior to the botched PS4 mugging, Vivian and Dixon were looking up “how to rob someone” on YouTube and texting back and forth, making sure to delete their messages, investigators said.
The couple found Zeitz’s ad to sell his PS4 on Craigslist, and arranged to meet up with him for the robbery.

Danny Zeitz2.jpgDanny Zeitz was shot dead by Kayla Dixon trying to stop the robbers from stealing his Playstation 4, which he put up for sale in a Craigslist ad in 2014.

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Danny Zeitz3The Zeitz family during the court senetencing “Each day we awake with the shocking realization that the life as we knew it with our son and brother will no longer exist,” Levy said. “The loss of Danny has reached the depths of our souls. Daniel’s entire future was brutally ripped from him in a senseless act of violence.

When Zeitz clutched onto his console, Dixon opened fire, shooting her beau through the hand and fatally hitting Zeitz in the chest.
Dixon’s 16-month-old baby was sitting in the backseat of the car during the shooting.
After pleading guilty, Dixon apologized to Zeitz’s family, telling them she hopes “one day my apology will matter.”

vivian1Nathaniel Vivian, Kayla Dixon’s boyfriend, plotted the robberywill be tried later in the year. She has expressed the willingness to testify against him

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Patty Zeitz told reporters she initially didn’t want to accept the killer’s apology, but felt that Dixon’s mea culpa was “very heartfelt,” the mother told reporters.
Zeitz was a well-known gamer under the name “Phobos,” whose death was the subject of a documentary poject “Level Up.
The killer’s boyfriend’s trial is expected to begin this summer.
Dixon said she is willing to testify against Vivian.

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