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Kidnapped woman escaped from Keyvin Gil, her rapist, naked, hands still tied behind her back, determined not to die at his hands — ‘I’m not dying today, I’m going to see my daughters’my daughters’

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 “I’m not dying today, I’m going to see my daughters” a young woman repeated to herself as fled a rapist who had threatened to shoot

Keyvin Gil, 27, stripped  and tied up his girlfriend, after accusing of smoking his pot – shackled, raped and burnt her with a lighter

After being molesting and threatened twith a gun,  she escaped escaped when he fell asleep, naked and her hands tied behind  her

Gil charged with was arrested for rape, battery and causing mayhem

The Massachusetts man accused of kidnapping, raping and burning his girlfriend hid his head in his shirt when he was arraigned on 13 criminal charges Monday afternoon.His victim — who police have not publicly identified — said she told herself, “I’m not dying today. I’m going to see my daughters,” as she fled to safety after the ordeal.
Keyvin Gil, 27 — also known as “Ghetto” — was arrested for rape and a slew of other charges after Lawrence police responded to reports of a naked woman running around on Newbury St., cops said.
When officers arrived on scene Friday afternoon, they found a crying woman sitting on a stoop wearing a stranger’s sweater, with ligature marks on her ankles and wrists, she told the police Gil had bound and tortured her, burned her, threatened to kill her and repeatedly raped and abused her.

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Gil hid his face in his shirt and mumbled as the charges of kidnapping, raping and burning his girlfriend were read out in court

“She told me that her boyfriend ‘Ghetto’ tried to kill her and tied her up,” Officer Ariel Montas stated.
The victim explained that she’d been dating Gil for about a year.
“She told me that her relationship with Keyvin has turned violent several times but that she has stayed with him because she loves him and hopes that he will change,” Montas wrote.
On Wednesday, Gil became violent once again — after he angrily accused her of smoking his pot.
In retaliation for her supposed stealing, he violated her with a gun.
Then two days later he pulled out his firearm again when he accused her of cheating and raped her.
He removed all the rounds from his weapon except one — and then allegedly dared his battered lover to take the gun.
Gil told her that “he was going to wait for her daughters to be dropped off at the house so that she could say goodbye to them before he killed her,” according to the report.
He tied her arms behind her back with a clothes line and burned her with a lit cigarette.
When her tormentor finally fell asleep, the victim said, she saw her chance at freedom — and made a run for it.

keyvin gil1
Keyvin “Ghetto” Gil, charged for kidnap and battery.

She tried to find help — but at first her screams went unanswered. She was even turned away from a store before she could find someone to summon police.
When cops finally arrived, they set up a perimeter around the apartment and took Gil into custody — but only after shooting him with a Taser. He was also bitten by a police dog named Maximus before his arrest. Detectives got a search warrant and confiscated a handgun, which was reported stolen from New Hampshire.
Gil, 27, whose occupation was listed as unemployed, was held without bail following his arraignment in Lawrence District Court Monday. He’s being held on 13 criminal charges, including rape, receiving stolen property, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, domestic assault and battery, resisting arrest and numerous counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was held without bail after Monday’s court appearance, where he buried his head in his T-shirt and mumbled answers through his clothing. He is due back before a judge on June 29.

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