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Georgia ‘Rambo’ Grandma, Elizabeth Wall fatally shot former daughter-in-law Jenna Wall, after her son accused wife of having affair

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Grandma Elizabeth Betsy Wall, in court for  shooting death of soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Jenna Wall, inside victim’s home while her children, the suspect’s grandchildren, were there.

Her son had accused enstranged wife of having affair

Jenna, 35, a  Georgia kindergarten teacher , was in the midst of scandalous divorce and child custody battle with suspect’s son

Jerrod Wall an investigator with county prosecutor’s office, filed in April, alleging his wife had cheated  with high school sweetheart.

Elizabeth Wall facing charges of felony murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony and cruelty to children in the third degree.

elizabeth wall booking2.png

Elizabeth Wall’s made her first appearance in court, no bail was granted

Cobb County officials have arrested Elizabeth Betsy Wall, from McRae, Ga., is accused in the shooting death of her former daughter-in-law, Jenna Wall, 35, Thursday morning in her mother of two late Thursday morning in her Powder Springs, Ga. home.
Then 63-year-old grand mother murdered Jenna Wall while her two boys aged 6 and 8, the suspect’s grandchildren, were there.

The suspect allegedly shot and killed her estranged daughter-in-law after her son, Jerrod Wall who is an investigator with the county DA’s office,  accused his wife of having an affair with a high school boyfriend. Jerrod Wall filed for divorce in April, accusing his wife of cheating.
The mother of two and her former husband were in the midst of a nasty break up and custody battle over their two sons, ages 7 and 8.

jenna wall6.png

Jenna and the her sons who are at the center of the custody battle
jenna wall3.png
Jenna Wall,  teacher and mother of two boys – Her sons  were inside the home when her husband’s mother played vigilante executed her in her family home

Elizabeth Wall1.jpg

Elizabeth Wall’s two grandkids were outside their maternal grandparent’s home when she killed their mom

On Thursday, Elizabeth Wall was charged with murder after she fatally shot d Jenna Wall, a kindergarten teacher.
Investigators have not detailed a motive in the killing., but the couple’s divorce has been messy.
The former Jenna Charlton and Jerrod Lyle Wall were married July 17, 2004, and had two sons. Seperated in 2015,  Jenna Wall and the kids moved back into her parents’ home.
Jerrod Wall in his divorce filing,  is alleging that his soon-to-be ex-wife and her lover  interfered with his relationship with the boys.


Jerrod Wall2.png

Jenna Wall was in the midst of a messy divorce and child custody battle with her ex Jerrod Wall

clayton family home crime scene2.jpg

The crime scene: Police tape seal off the Charlton family home

Jenna reconnected with her former boyfriend on social media in 2013, and a year later they started meeting up in person, Jerrod Wall claimed.  In the court filings he alleges they exchanged texts and emails on a daily basis, and at least once, Jenna Wall had the man over for a romantic rendezvous while her two sons were home, according to the court complaint.
Jerrod had petitioned the court for custody of the boys when his mother allegedly killed Jenna Wall.
According to police reports,  Elizabeth Wall went to Jenna Wall’s home Thursday morning and put her grandsons in her car before calling Jerrod Wall at work in the District Attorney’s Office. She told her son to come get his kids — and she didn’t answer her phone when he called her back.

jenna wall1.jpg
Jenna Wall the beloved kindergarten teacher

With the boys buckled into the car out front, Elizabeth Wall went back into the house and
shot Jenna Wall, police said.
As Jerrod Wall frantically drove to the house, he spoke with one of his sons on the phone. According to police records, the boy said he could hear gunshots coming from inside the house, where his mom and grandma were.
When the DA investigator got to his estranged wife’s home, he found her dead in the kitchen, police said. His mother was sitting in the living room holding a gun to her head.
Police arrested Elizabeth Wall and charged her with murder, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony and third-degree cruelty to children. She was denied bond Friday.







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