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Father who sexually molested his 11-year-old claims ‘it was fun while it lasted’ – Jailed 22 years

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A father in Perth, Australia, who sexually abused his pre-teen daughter,  told police ‘it was fun while it lasted’ when caught. Sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison

Created local paedophile ring, centered around his daughter who lived alone with him after the seperation of her parents

Starting from age 11, man invited six other paeodphiles  to rape, molest and drug daughter, dad participated, provided condoms, sometimes just watched or filmed abuse

Victim was also forced to pose for porn photos and videos, father and another man shackled victim to a bed, wearing dog collar with ‘b***h’ printed on it, while molesting her

Police sting uncoverd paedophile ring, caught dad and 7 other men. Three members of the ring already sentenced, others to follow

Dawid Volmer1.jpgEvangelical pastor Dawid Volmer jailed for 8 1/2 years for drugging and molesting juvenile

In a case that has shocked the local community, a depraved dad who organized a ring of peadophiles to prey on his pre-teenage daughter has been jailed for 22 1/2 years in Perth, Australia. The man would post classified adverts on websites such as Craigslist and invite  other paedophiles to drug and sexually molest his daughter. The paedophile ring was smashed last year and eight men have been charged with more than 500 offences.
The man started molestingthe girl when she was aged 11, he then began offering her up to be raped by other men over the course of the next two years.
Among the shocking revealations in the course of the trial was a footage of the dad and another man abusing the girl as she was shackled to a bed, with her face covered and wearing a dog collar with the word “b***h” printed on it.

Benjamin Simon Clarke1.jpgBenjamin Simon Clarke, sentenced to three years in prison
Nicholas Beer1
35-year-old Nicholas Beer, one of the accused men, faces 163 child sex charges

The victim can be seen struggling against the restraints and shouting “stop, please dad”.
The horrific story stunned the court  as the prosecution detailed how the father on occasion, participated, watched or filmed as the punters he met online molested his daughter. He provided condoms for some of the men and egged his daughter on, even as she did not want to be part of the depraved sexual activity.
The pervert dad, in an unconvincing show of remorse, had turned his back to the courtroom as the full horror of his abuse was laid out. He also told a psychologist he ‘regarded himself as a caring and thoughtful father’. Before the sentencing he provided a letter to the court in which he expressed his “remorse, regret and utter shame”.

Alfred John Impicciatore1.jpg
Alfred John Impicciatore, caught in the paedophile sting

troy phillips.png

Troy Phillip Milbourne, pled guilty to sexually penetrating the victim – deleted his photos from facebook after backlash on social media

Earlier, In a police interview, he described his behaviour as fun activity:
“I have regrets about things that I have done wrong,” he said.
“I really want to get out of this scene because it was, I am going to be honest, fun while it lasted but it went over the line.”
The prosecutor,  Justin Whalley highlighted the fact that the child was entitled to look to her parent for protection, but instead was subjected to abuse and degradation.
“We say this case represents one of the most serious examples of sexual offending against a child ever to appear before a criminal court in this State,” he said.
“In terms of his remorse we say, if it exists, it is certainly belated.”
In handing down the sentence, Judge Philip Eaton said he his abuse had caused “irreparable consequences” for the girl, now 14.
Among those caught in the police sting that uncovered the paedophile ring is former christian pastor and married father Dawid Volmer who was sent to prison for 8 1/2 years in 2015. Volmer was convicted for drugging and raping the juvenile while her father sat blindfolded in the corner of his bedroom. One other of the eight paedophiles, Benjamin Simon Clarke, was jailed for three years in June for taking sexually explicit photos of the victim.









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