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Gunman kills two women outside Arizona court after custody hearing

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Cops believe shooting stemmed from “personal motives and not an attempted mass shooting.”

Two women were killed outside a courthouse in Arizona when a gunman upset because of a custody hearing opened fire. Both the suspect and the victims had been at court for a hearing. Gunfire erupted outside the building as the women were leaving Tuesday evening
The unidentified shooter had been at a custody hearing at the Holbrook County Complex late Tuesday a said Navajo County spokesman Adam Wolfe.fternoon before he left and shot the victims as they exited court before 5 p.m.,
The two women died at the scene after being shot near a building’s front entrance and that the unidentified gunman had been arrested, according to police.
It was not clear if the shooter was trying to flee from authorities after opening fire, though Wolfe said that there was “not a huge struggle” when he was apprehended.
He added that the shooting stemmed from “personal motives and not an attempted mass shooting.”
Navajo County said that no employees of the court were harmed, though the area went into lockdown for about an hour.

Two women are dead and a suspect is in custody following a shooting outside Navajo County Superior Court in Holbrook, according to a county official.
“We don’t know his motive yet; we aren’t in his mind,” Wolfe said. “We do know the suspect was involved in the hearing, and for whatever reason, it led to him opening fire.”
Authorities did not release the identities of those involved Tuesday night.
Wolfe said no employees of the court were involved and authorities believe the suspect and victims knew each other. The attack, Wolfe said, was “personal, and not an attempt at a mass shooting.”

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