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NYPD arrest 18 people including Fox producer Katie Welnhofer and Chipotle executive Mark Crumpacker in Twin takedown of East Harlem gang members and white collar cocaine customers

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Katie Welnhofer, 29, producer on’Mornings with Maria’ on Fox Business,  arrested as part of a huge drugs bust in New York

Chipotle executive Mark Crumpacker and Roman Yoffe, a tax accountant,among those arrested in tghe ‘white collar’ portion of the bust

Drug lords Kenny “Jay” Hernandez, 35, Felix “Jake” Nunez, 27, and Oscar Almonte, 29, arrested in Twin takedowns that nets East Harlem gang members, cocaine customers

Katie Welnhofer1

Katie Welnhofer, of ‘Mornings with Maria’, Fox Business, arrested in N.Y. drugs bust

Drug kingpins Kenny “Jay” Hernandez, 35, Felix “Jake” Nunez, 27, and Oscar Almonte, 29, were charged with selling over $75,000 worth of cocaine. The three are members of a major cocaine trafficking ring that used Duane Reade stores to conduct sales over the past year were indicted Thursday in a takedown that also included 18 ‘white collar’ clients.
According to the Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, the gang distributed their merchandise at several Duane Reades and CVS pharmacies, as well as at delis.
In what DA Vance descibed as “This was a high-end, on-demand service,” the dealers charged between $200 and $300 per transaction for the premium delivery service or double the street value of high quality cocaine.

Kenny "Jay" Hernandez1.pngKenny “Jay” Hernandez, ran the drug dealership that serviced the ‘white collar’ clientele

Among the indicted “key repeat customers.” were a Fox Business producer, Chipotle executive and a Merrill Lynch employee.The list of indictees include Christopher Dodson, 28, a client associate at Merrill Lynch, Austin Dodson, 24, an associate at real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield. Others clients of the dealers indicted are Huffington Post blogger and education professional Alexander Mallory, 31, Tax accountant Roman Yoffe, 36, Underwriting consultant Christian Jewett, 31, and Kyle Holmes, 27, of Marwood Group senior associate.

 Katie Welnhofer4.jpg

Katie Welnhofer, in regulation garb during her court appearance


The gang used  CVS stores as a venue tosell drugs

The Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance on Thursday discaussed significant drug busts by NYPD at a noon press conference.  Dozens of people were charged in three indictments covering activities by two New York gangs. Prosecutors announced the outcome of the twin takedowns of the drug dealers from East Harlem gangs and their white collar cocaine clients.

yohan roffe1.png
Roman Yoffe, 36, a tax accountant, caught up in the drug bust, he was charged with being a customer.

In a separate indictment, 18 cocaine customers were charged, including a Fox Business Network producer, Katie Welnhofer, 29, who works on ‘Mornings with Maria’ on Fox Business, and and marketing executive at Chipotle, Mark Crumpacker.
Welnhofer was arraigned in Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday morning.
Katie Welnhofer had her blond hair tied back and was wearing tan jail garb before the judge and faces two counts of possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, prosecutors said. She was ordered held on $15,000 bail.

Mark Crumpacker3.jpg

Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle chief marketing and development officer caught in the drug dragnet


The gang sold their goods around the pharmacies

Mark Crumpacker, the Chief Creative and Development Officer at Chipotle, was also arrested.
The separate gang charges for several defendants include murder, conspiracy and other major charges that can carry dozens of years or life behind bars.
Mr. Crumpacker was was named Chipotle’s Chief Development Officer in 2013 and oversees the company’s global real estate, design, construction, and facilities functions. He joined Chipotle fom Sequence, a San Francisco-based branding and interactive agency., which he was the founder and CEO.

Randolph Holder2

New York Police Officer Randolph Holder was shot and killed in October by a gang member Tyrone Howard (below)
Tyrone Howard3Alleged cop killer Tyrone Howard, in court

 Christopher Dodson1.jpg

Christopher Dodson of Merrill Lynch -held on $30,000 bond on charges of buying $7,600 in cocaine

Law enforcement sources say the bust delivered a blow to warring gangs that played a role in the fatal shooting of Holder on Oct. 20, 2015. Career criminal and alleged gang member Tyrone Howard has been charged with Holder’s murder.


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