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Víctor Barrio, Spanish bullfighter, gored to death in the ring on live TV

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Víctor Barrio, 29, bullfighter, gored to death in the ring,  by massive bull  on live TV,  before horrified live audience

First matador ring fatality in Spain since 1987

Award-winning matador, implaed in the side, slammed, then pinned to the ground by 1,162lbs beast in Teruel, Eastern Spain

Rushed to hospital, died shortly afterwards from injuries

Víctor Barrio killed by bull9

Victor Barrio: Tragic loss in the bull ring



Spanish matador Víctor Barrio, has been killed death in the ring on live TV. The award-winning bullfighter was gored to death in front of an audience of hundreds of terrified spectators, the first matador fatality in Spain in nearly fourty years.

Segovia bullfighter Víctor Barrio, 29,  originally from Sergovia, a few hours outside the Spanis capital of Madrid, died from injuries he sustaind during a ring accident  during the Feria del Angel tournament in the town of Teruel in Aragon, Eastern Spain.

The sad end to a bourdgeoning career as the bullfighter  met his match at the hands of Maños bull, named Lorenzo. Victor Barrio is carried off unconcious from the ring

Víctor Barrio killed by bull11

The bull inflicted a fatal blow in during the tournament in the town of Teruel in Aragon, Eastern Spain. Just before the tragedy, Barrio here teases the bull with the ‘muletazo’ manoeuvre.

Víctor Barrio killed by bull10

Horror: The matador  is impaled and lifted off his feet by the desperate bull
The irate 1,200 pound beast is all over the trapped fighter

This was a sad end to a late blooming career.  A new comer to the sport of bull fighting Barrio had a string of  awards after joining the sport relatively late after working on a golf course. A trained professional, he was named the winner of San Isidro bullfighter by the Senior Club of Madrid.

In his final tweet on July 4, Barrio posted a picture of him in training, writing: ‘With the mind set on Teruel’.

Víctor Barrio killed by bull8

The bull slams the matador to the ground

Víctor Barrio killed by bull6

Victor Barrio  was left unconscious. he later died making for the first matador fatality in the ring in Spain this century

While  deaths from Spain’s famous bull runs are relatively common, with up to around 10 deaths recorded each year, worldwide matador death have been relatively rare in the last four decades.
The professionally trained matadors typically survive the contest between beast and man, whilethe bull dies every time. In a few exceptions animal is spared.
The festival was suspended after the death of the star.

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