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Chaos at Black lives Matter Dallas protest for two black men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile slain by police – four officers dead, seven others shot at protest in downtown Dallas as snipers target the cops

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Two snipers  shoot eleven police officers, killing 4, during Black Lives Matter protest march in downtown  Dallas

Protesters had taken to the streets of major cities  across America to protest against the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, calling for justice for  the two black men shot dead by police this week

Gunmen open fire from ‘elevated positions’, picking off officers at the demonstration, 4 cops have died, 3 in critical condition, 4 others were injured

Both shooters still on the run, one believed to be holed up in a garage wearing tactical gear and armorcops killed during protest15.jpg

The protest initially started off peaceful
cops killed during protest1
Dallas Police officers turn from protectors to victims of a vicious sniper attack
As thousands of protesters took to the streets across America, Thursday, protesting against the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two snipers shot eleven police officers – killing 4 – as they unleashed chaos at a protest in Dallas. The protests were taking place in the major hubs of New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC and Philadelphia on Thursday evening when the mayhem erupted. The two gunmen opened fire from ‘elevated positions’, picking off officers at the demonstration, police said. Four police officers have died, three are in a critical condition and four others were injured, police chief David Brown said. Both shooters are still on the run and one is believed to be holed up in a garage wearing tactical gear and armor. It is suspected that they may have also planted bombs before the ambush.
cops killed during protest9 Police officer running for cover as the shooting starts

Police Chief David Brown said that two snipers opened fire at a demonstration around 9 p.m.
At least four officers died and seven others were wounded after gunfire erupted at a protest in downtown Dallas, according to police.
Police Chief David Brown said that two snipers opened fire at a demonstration from elevated positions around 9 p.m. and that neither suspect was in custody as of 10:30 p.m. local time.

cops killed during protest8.pngDallas Police respond after shots were fired at a Black Lives Matter rally in downtown Dallas on Thursday,

He said in a statement that two wounded officers were in surgery  and three were in critical condition.

cops killed during protest6.jpg
Protesters run for cover as gunfire erupted at the downtown Dallas protest against police brutality

Videos from the scene showed dozens of shots being fired, with other clips showing protesters fleeing to safety.

Dallas Police officer at the ER.
cops killed during protest4
cops killed during protest11.jpgPolice release image of suspect, walking around town with assault rifle, which was later retracted as the man was not aa
Dallas Police had been live-tweeting the protest, which had up until the gunshots had been peaceful.
One of the alleged shooters – wearing tactical gear and a bulletproof vest – was hunkered down in a garage earlier on Thursday evening and engaged cops in a shootout before he was detained, a police source said.

A video taken on a cell phone by a Dallas resident shows a heroic policeman trying to shoot one of the gunmen. The officer is seen ducking behind a pillar but was subsequently shot by the gunman, who then stands over the cop and pumps another bullet into him.
Police Chief Brown said that it appeared the shooters ‘planned to injure and kill as many
officers as they could’.
Officers are actively negotiating with a gunman that has barricaded himself on the second floor of the El Centro College garage and is exchanging gunfire with police.
The gunman told police, “The end is coming,” and is threatening to kill more officers. He also told police the garage is rigged with bombs.The suspects ‘have threatened to plant a bomb in the downtown area’.
It is not known if the shooters were protesters.
Dallas Police released an image of a man – named as Mark Hughes – brandishing a rifle as he walked through the city carrying what appeared to be an assault rifle and wearing a camouflage shirt. The force tweeted: ‘Please help us find him!’
However, a video shows the black man wandering among panicked protesters moments after gunfire erupted and he is not shooting.
A man claiming to Hughes’ brother tweeted that he was not involved in the shooting and had taken himself to a police station after Dallas Police released his picture.

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