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Eight-year-old girl foils her would-be kidnapper with kung-fu move: he’d snatched her from bed while she was asleep

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Hawk Lane
The family now have surveillance cameras in the house

Eight year-old, San Diego girl fends off kidnapper with martial arts move, when he snatches her from her own bed

Kidnap victim struck her kidnapper in the neck causing him to drop her and run out of the home, a skill she’d learnt in class

Girl’s mother says “(He) could have taken my TV, anything, but (he) wanted the most valuable thing we have”

Early Sunday morning, an 8-year-old girl woke up to an unidentified man in her and her 6-year-old brother’s room, El Cajon police Lt. Rob Ransweiler said. The man had crawled through a window on the first floor of their condo in the 1300 block of Hawk Lane.
The suspect grabbed the girl and was dragging her downstairs when she struck him in the neck causing him to drop her and run out of the home. After the man ran away, she woke her parents and told them what happened.
El Cajon police received a call about the attempted kidnapping around 4 a.m.  The victim did not appear to be injured and nothing was taken, Ransweiler said.

The little girl who had been learning kung-fu fended off a kidnapper when he snatched her from her own bed.
The eight-year-old’s mother spoke out about what happened and how the martial arts moves may have saved her daughter’s life.The child’s mother said her daughter came and told her what had happened after he had fled
According to the mother, speaking from their home in El Cajon, San Diego, the little girl woke up at 4am in the morning to find herself being carried down stairs.They were almost at the bottom of the stairs when she applied pressure to the would-be kidnapper’s throat, a move which she had learnt to do in her classes.


The mother of the eight-year-old who foiled a kidnapper who tried to snatch her from their home in the early hours of Sunday morning, lauds her daughter’s bravery

The woman, who was not identified, said: “I’m relieved that this is the story I get to tell – that she’s in my home, here and safe.
“My kids are supposed to be safe while they are sleeping.”
The little girl was in the room with her six-year-old brother, and she went in to wake her parents and tell them what had happened.
They found the front door open.
The woman said her daughter described the man as a tanned adult, he had dark “fluffy” hair and he smelt of “garbage.”
She also said he had a thin build and was between five-feet, eight-inches to five-feet, ten-inches tall.
The little girl was not injured luckily – police think he gained access through a window as the screen was removed on a window in another building.
The woman now has surveillance cameras in the house: “This is proof, there could be a chance that you might need to (use self-defense moves).
“(He) could have taken my TV, anything, but (he) wanted the most valuable thing we have.”
The woman said of her brave daughter: “She’s scared but she’s also empowered. She’s learned some tools that will last her a lifetime, she’s okay, but she’s going to be safe because we’re going to protect her even more now.”

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