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Strippers, bouncers at Sin City strip club in Bronx, NY, busted – sold 22G worth of cocaine to undercover cops

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South Bronx celebrity strip club staff busted for selling $22G of coke out  club to undercover cops

 5 strippers, 3 bouncers arrested, all indicted for selling directly to cops over 2 year period

“The dancers and the waitresses would go up to customers and whisper in their ear that they had drugs to sell.” according to cops


‘point woman’ Sin City dancer Blair Padilla who was implicated in nearly all the deals weeps as she was  held on $50,000 bail for allegedly selling cocaine to undercover cops.
In New York, Police have arrested strippers and bouncers at a celebrity flesh pot. Five dancers  Rosanna Debrooks, Claudia de la Rosa, Blair Padilla, Jasmine Edmonds and Joeana McCarthy were nabbed during a police undercover sting on the the Sun City strip Cabaret in the South Bronx, Thursday. Cops also arrested three bouncers Isaac Flores, Charles Percell and Janae Ellis  during the raid.  A ninth suspect, Pamela Contreras, who allegedly lives with one of the dancers and serves as the drug supplier was also swept up by the dragnet. All nine suspects were indicted, Thursday.


Cops arrested and indicted nine people, including bouncers and strippers, at the Sin City Cabaret in the Bronx on cocaine charges

According to the charge sheets, authorities said, over he  years the nine bouncers and dancers were arraigned for allegedly selling $22,000-worth of cocaine to undercover cops. Detectives said on nearly two-dozen occasions since December 2014, they bought the coke from employees of the strip club which regularly hosts A-List athletes and entertainers  like Odell Beckham Jr., 50 Cent, T-Pain and Rob Kardashian .


Strippers would approach patrons and whisper the availability of the drugs

In some instances the suspects sold individual doses rolled in a dollar bill for the marked-up price of $100, according to Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan.
Describing the sales tactics in the strip joint, a source said “The dancers and the waitresses would go up to customers and whisper in their ear that they had drugs to sell.”
“There has been a lot of violence and a lot of drugs in the club…It was common knowledge in the club that people were dealing drugs in the club for years: coke, weed, molly, you name it.”

sincity_gusboss3Strippers would approach, arrenge and sell the drug directly to undercover cops, since December, 2014

Two of the defendants, De la Rosa and Contreras were accused of making the largest drug sales, including one trade in a McDonald’s parking lot  where police arrested Contreras in the process of selling 200 grams of cocaine worth $11,500 to an undercover cop. De la Rosa was arrested later that day at the nearby apartment she shared with Contreras.
The club’s Instagram page itself, hints at rowdy revelry every night of the week. The joint advertised its top of the line “chicken wings and booty,” $8,000 bottles of Moet champagne and a “cash cannon” that makes it rain. Photos from the club frequently featured celebrities, twerking and cash.

sincity_club1Undercover officers posing as patrons bought  $22,000 worth of coke directly from dancers at Sin City Cabaret since December 2014.

All defendants pleaded not guilty to charges of selling cocaine.
Padilla, sporting platinum hair in a bun and tan jail scrubs, was held on $50,000 bail after appearing in Manhattan Supreme Court.
She cried throughout the proceeding.
“This defendant sold cocaine to two separate undercover officers inside and in front of the club while employed there as a dancer,” Assistant District Attorney Erik Aho said.
“This defendant was the hand to hand on all seven transactions, some of which were arranged with a text message.”
Padilla has been previously arrested for trespassing and was on probation for using someone else’s debit card and ID to withdraw money at a Chase bank, Aho said.
According to law enforcement sources,  the current indictments is the outcome of as a wide-ranging investigation of illegal activities at the club,
The operator of the strip club, Gus Drakopoulos, who himself was convicted on fraud charges  in the past  was investigated but not charged.
According to the police, Drakopoulos is barred from owning business requiring a liquor license because of his criminal past, but he runs the place anyway, facilitated by
a technicality which allows him to bury the licenses and other papaer work , concerning the, the club is in the name of his mother. Drakopoulos pleaded guilty to insider trading in 2002. In another suit in 2010,  Drakopoulos settled a case with former Sin City employees who sued him for sexual harassment and labor law violations. And in 2014 he asked a federal judge to allow him to take over the club from his mother. The judge however, turned down the request.
For now, Sin City remains open and can serve drinks ,while state authorities have not relented in the quest for means to revoke its liquor license. To further ensure the ultimate demise of the club, The NYPD initiated a nuisance abatement action against the club, a controversial measure used by cops to reign in illegal activity at problematic properties.
in reaction to this latest development, Drakopoulos’s attorney, Martin Mehler. said:”This is not a real bad club, and it’s caught up in something that is not really reflective of how they operate.”


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