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Teacher, Michelle Mellinger, jailed after sleeping with four under age pupils on her ‘bucket list’ of six…. fifth victim fled when she undressed’

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Sicko teacher, Michelle Mellinger, 49, jailed after sleeping with four underage pupils, a fifth victim fled her home as she undressed

Perv teacher who ‘preferred younger people’  had a ‘bucket list’ of potential victims

Arrested after fellow teachers overheard students discussing sleeping with her

Pled guilty, jail sentence upto 23 months

Ex-husband, William Mellinger, 50, has also been charged with molesting three girls in an unrelated case

…’Can someone please investigate what these two were up to when they were a couple, the coincidence of both being charged with child sex abuse is significant’

Child abuser Michelle Mellinger, 49, was arrested when colleagues heard pupils talking about having sex with her.
The special needs teaching assistant was accused of serially working through her pupils after allegedly having sex withfour of the boys..
It is alleged that on multiple occasions, Michelle Mellinger texted the victims, picked them up in her car and took them to her apartment in White Oak, Pennsylvania, where she would perform a sex act on them and then have sex with them.

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Investigators in Pittsburgh said the 49-year-old teaching assistant at McKeesport Area High School carried on the sexual relationships while all four students were under 18.
The police said Mellinger engaged in sexual acts with the male students on multiple occasions beginning in February 2012.

The female teaching assistant was subsequently arrested on charges of having sex with multiple students. She pled guilty to the charges and has been jailed for having sex with four of her underage pupils – telling one of her victims “I just became a paedophile.”

Michelle Mellinger4
Mellinger blamed her crimes on her alcohol problem. The former teaching assistant had sex with four underage boys aged between 15 and 17 in a carefully targeted 2-year campaign of abuse

A court heard how Mellinger, who told one student she liked “younger people”
To another victim she said: “I prefer younger people to older people.” In a text conversation with yet another boy, she said: “Wow, you look amazing. I just became a paedophile.”
She even told one pupil that he was on her “bucket list”.
The pervert teacher , targeted six pupils in total with one fleeing her home when she started to undress. All the young male victims, aged between 15 and 17, said Mellinger would text them, before picking them up and taking them to her house for illicit sex sessions.

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Now a registered paedophile, Mellinger was jailed for between 11 and 23 months after pleading guilty to a string of sex charges. Her charges included five counts of having intercourse or sexual contact with students and one of sexual assault.
The 263 days she has already spent in jail, since her arrest in October, have been credited to her sentence.
Mellinger whose ex-husband, William Mellinger, 50, has also been charged with molesting three girls in an unrelated case,blamed an alcohol problem for her two-year campaign of abuse.
One of her neighbors, Paula Whisner,  said at the time of her arrest: “I’m totally shocked.
“Who knows what happens behind those doors?
“She’s very stoic. She doesn’t have any kind of expression on her face.”

Judge Donna Jo McDaniel was not impressed by a handwritten letter sent by Mellinger. Judge McDaniel said Mellinger did not take responsibility for her actions and only made excuses for herself

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A statement from a mum of one of the abused boys lamented that: “Her family is forever changed .
“Her son is depressed and doesn’t trust any of his teachers.”
Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Donna Jo McDaniel told the shamed teacher she needed to take responsibility for her crimes.
She said: “It wasn’t a bad decision. There were six victims over the course of two years.
“She didn’t get drunk and seduce a kid down the block.”
Mellinger will be placed on five year’s probation once she released and will also serve one year’s house arrest.


The astonishing case rocked the local community in Pennsylvania. The abuse scandal came to light when teachers at McKeesport High School, pictured, heard pupils talking about sex sessions with Mellinger. The police in Mckeesport were stunned as more and more students came forward saying Mellinger had seduced them too.


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