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British Golfer Andy Sullivan blasted by childhood sweetheart after he ‘dumps her by text

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Professional golfer Andy Sullivan, 30, has ditched his partner Katie Stansfield, 28, just weeks after she gave birth to their second child’ 

Known as the Smiling Assassin, Sullivan now  worth nearly $7million ‘dumped childhood sweetheart by text

Stansfield, furious at the star  she’s been dating since high school, 13 years ago, blasts him on social media

The British star now dating recruitment executive Amy Saunders

A top British golfer worth more than £6.6million has reportedly dumped his childhood sweetheart and mum of his two children by text. The ‘Heartless’ £5m golf star nicknamed The Smiling Assassin was blasted by childhood sweetheart after he dumped her by text.
The mom-of-two has been devastated after her long term boyfriend, a top earning golfer left her just ‘weeks after birth of their second daughter’
Andy Sullivan, aka, ‘The Smiling Assassin’,  is now apparently in a ­relationship with recruitment ­exec Amy Saunders, just weeks after the birth of his second daughter.


Amy Saunders1

The British star, is now said to be dating recruitment executive Amy Saunders
 atie Stansfield, his ex, blasted Sullivan, 30, in a message on social media calling him “a scumbag”. She also slammed his new partner, Amy Saunders but later removed the posts.
 Andy Sullivan and kids
Andy Sullivan with his kids

Andy Sullivan4

Sullivan is known as the ‘Smiling Assasasin’ on the tour

A friend told The Mirror: “They’ve been together all through his amateur years, she was with him when he had a job working in an Asda warehouse.
“She is devastated, really hurt. He’s grown up with her family treating him like a son, they’re all devastated.”
The friend added that the couple moved into a $1.9m mansion in Nuneaton less than a year ago. The friend, who has not been named, added: “She’s been by his side through all the lean years.
“Now that he’s earning an absolute fortune he says it’s over.”
World No36 Sullivan is playing in the final round of The Open at Troon, in Scotland, today.
Prizes include a trip into space for hitting a hole in one.

Andy Sullivan and Katie Stansfield3

Andy Sullivan and Katie Stansfield had been together 13 years before he apparently dumped her by text

Andy Sullivan ex-girlfriend Katie Stansfield

Ex-girlfriend Katie Stansfield, furious after Sullivan broke up with her via text

Andy Sullivan and Katie Stansfield2

The golfer is said to be quite comfortable now after many lean years togther

He has said: “I’ve a lovely house, lovely car and I’m forging a career for the sake of my kids.”
But Katie’s pal said: “His attitude through all of this has been ‘so what?’”
Katie declined to comment.
Sullivan’s team confirmed he is a new relationship but did not comment further.


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