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Former Turkish Force commander, General Akin Ozturk, ‘admits plotting Friday’s coup’, according to state owned media; but private media say Ozturk denied any involvement

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Turkish authorities claim former head of Turkey’s Air Force, General Akin Ozturk ex-Air Force commander ‘admitted to plotting’ to depose president  Recep Erdogan

The ex-armed forces boss is alleged to have made tha admission during questioning by investigators

Private broadcasters in Turkey say the general had denied playing a role in failed coup

Over six thousand arrested in the wake of the coup attempt including 112 generals, 11 prosecutors and  150 judges.

9000 policemen, 2745 judges dismissed

General Akin Öztürk2

Gen Akin Ozturkis one of 112 generals arrested and put on trial for the failed coup. Some sources claim Gen Ozturk has admitted staging the coup. Other sources say he has denied all knowledge the events

There are conflicting reports emerging in the media about a former Turkish air force commander has confessing to planning Friday’s attempted military coup in which 232 people died. Over 1,400 were wounded in the ensuing violence.

turkey coup abandoned weapons1
Weapons and uniforms abandoned by mutineers when they surrendered

The state-run Anadolu news agency quoted Gen Akin Ozturk as telling interrogators he had “acted with intention to stage a coup”. Turkish newspaper the Daily Sabbah, also quoted Gen Ozturk as having told investigators in his first testimony: “We made the move to stage a coup”.
But two private broadcasters said the general had denied playing a role. The  NTV network  quoted the former armed forces chief as saying: “I am not someone who has planned or directed the coup attempt… I don’t know who did.”

president recip erdogan1
President Recip Erdogan blames Turkey’s unrest on Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen and his followers

Could it be that the government uncovered the brains behingd the coup?
The picture remains unclear as the allegations of a circle of conspiracy threatens to engulf a broad section of the country’s  military and political elite. The government has blamed Fethullah Gulen, a powerful, reclusive US-based Muslim cleric for inspriring the coup. President Recep Erdogan has publicly  accused Mulah Gullen and his loyalists in the public sector  of fomenting unrest.
Mulah Gulen has denied any involvement and has suggested the coup may have been staged itself.

Mulah Gulen1Cleric, Fethullah Gulen has suggested the government could have staged the coup to aid Erdogan broaden his authoritarian ambitions

A massive number of soldiers and civilians have either been rounded up or dismissed from service, as the government seeks to purge dissenters from the public service, especially among the military, police and judiciary.
The government has arrested some 6,000 people, including high-ranking soldiers and judges. According to Anadolu, Ozturk is one of 112 generals and admirals who had been detained, fifty of whom have been remanded in custody pending trial.
The confession saga unfolded as an unknown assailant shot the deputy mayor of Istanbul’s Sisli district in the head on Monday and he was in a critical condition.
It was not immediately clear whether the incident was linked to Friday’s abortive military coup in which more than 200 people were killed.
Turkey remains in a state of high tension, though the government says it has the situation fully under control. NTV reported that the assailant had entered the office of deputy mayor Cemil Candas and then gun shots were heard.
Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) runs the prosperous Sisli district. Along with other opposition parties the CHP has condemned the attempted coup.
The interior ministry also reportedly dismissed almost 9,000 police officers on Monday, as part of a purge of officials suspected of involvement.




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