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Paul Abbott who ‘bludgeoned wife Jacqueline to death with a hammer after she sold his ticket to see Elvis tribute’ concert, jailed for life

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Jealous husband, Paul Abbott, with severe gambling addiction, murders wife after she auctioned his ticket to see an Elvis tribute act on ebay

Paul Abbott, 56,  bludgeoned 54-year-old wife Jacqueline with a hammer, delivering at least 16 blows during attack  at the family home

Jacqueline Abbott was so battered her body had to be identified by her son

Abbott, who has a history of domestic abuse, jailed for life for wife’s murder

Pled guilty and sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 15 years

Jackie Abbott at Graceland.jpg

Jacqueline Abbott, who was bludgeoned to death by husband Paul over a pair of Elvis tribute concert tickets seen in Grace land


A husband is facing life in jail after he admitted murdering his wife at their home following a row over a pair of  Elvis tribute concert tickets.
In what police descibed as  the latest in a long-line of violent outbursts byPaul Abbott, 56, on his wife, Jacqueline, 54. The irate husband lost his temper and left jacqueline with catastrophic head injuries after battering her over the head with a hammer.
The suspect today pled guilty to murdering his wife at their martial home, on December 11, 2015.
The court heard the mother-of-two died shortly after being savagely attacked at around 4.25pm.a following an argument over the fact that Jacqueline auctioned her husband’s tickets for an Elvis Presley tribute act the couple were due to see that night, on eBay.

Paul and Jacqueline Abbott1
 Jacqueline Abbott with her husband Paul Abbott, who has admitted her killing

The trial heard how the  couple who had split last year, after almost 30 years together, when Abbott broke a promise to curb his betting by blowing £11,000 in a casino binge got into a fight in a bedroom after Paul Abbottdiscovered Jacqueline had sold his ticket to see the Elvis tribute, on eBay.
Abbott, described as a control freak by friends and family, struck his wife across the head with a hammer, then finished her off in the back garden after chasing her downstairs and into the garden as she tried to flee.
During the struggle Jacqueline activated a panic alarm in the hallway, which was later found covered in blood, but Abbott silenced it by entering an override code, according to him,  because he ‘didn’t want to alert the neighbours’.
Minutes after bludgeoning his wife, Abbott appeared at a family member’s address, nervous and sweating. When they asked about the red stains on his hands and shoes he told them he’d been painting.
But he returned to the crime scene shortly after – where he was arrested by West Midlands Police officers.
In his defense, Abbott claimed his wife lunged at him, scratching him across the face, but accepted lashing out with a hammer after ‘losing the plot’. Police detectives however, rejected claims the killing was a one-off incident, stating instead that this was a continuation of a long pattern of violent outbursts by Abbott on his wife

Jackie Abbott at Graceland1.jpg
Jacqueline Abbott, who was bludgeoned to death by husband Paul seen with an Elvis look-alike

Detective Sergeant Indi Basra, said Jacqueline had been away for a few days and had returned home when the row broke out.
He said: “She and her husband were due to attend a performance of an Elvis tribute band that evening.
“They had had an argument as she had sold his ticket – he saw a hammer in the landing area and picked it up and struck her a couple of times.”
He told an inquest in December how officers received a call at 4.30pm from worried neighbours about a disturbance coming from the property.
He added: “We were told someone had died at the property.
“Police officers and paramedics attended the scene and got through to the back of the property where Mrs Abbott was found in the back garden area.
“She had extensive and severe head injuries. Her husband, Paul Abbott admitted the offence and was charged with murder.”

SWNS Jackie Abbott at Graceland
killed: Jackie Abbott at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley

Her body was formally identified by her son Martyn and she was pronounced dead at the scene.
A pathology report revealed the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head and that Jacqueline had not consumed any alcohol.
Presiding Judge John Wait, told Abbott the only sentence he could pass would be life imprisonment. But he adjourned the case saying further information was needed before he could determine the minimum term he would spend behind bars.
Abbott, who wore a grey top and tracksuit bottoms, spoke only to confirm his name and plead guilty to the charge of murder.

Jacqueline Abbott1

Fun loving mother 0f two Jacqueline Abbott was battered to death by her own husband.

Since her death, tributes have flooded in for the grandmother, who lived with Abbott and their two sons Martyn and Ryan.
The couple ran a fishing tackle shop called J & P Fishing Snooker Darts with Jacqueline listed as company secretary, and Abbott director.
Neighbours say the pair previously ran a snooker club in the borough and the couple had lived for 10 years at the property.

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