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Illegal immigrant stowaway cuts himself out of the back of Polish freight truck in London rush hour traffic, makes his getaway

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Suspected illegal immigrant cuts himself out of moving truck and runs through rush hour traffic as onlookers tried to alert driver someone was trying to jump out of his vehicle in downtown, London

Transcontinental container truck bears  name of transport and logistics company Rencar, based in Nadarzyn, Poland

Apparent stowaway with middle eastern looks rips side of truck, jumps into oncoming traffic, merges into the pedestrain traffic, amazed onlookers caught it all on tape

Cops claim there have been no reports of the incident which happened on April 19

The footage shows the man tearing a hole in the lorry container’s fabric as passing motorists try to alert the driver of the stowaway

A suspected illegal immigrant has been filmed cutting his way out of the back of a freight truck and running off down a busy road in the middle of the London rush hour.
Footage taken from a passing car shows the man ripping a hole through the rear container’s fabric while sitting on a pile of wooden pallets.
In the video, motorists around the truck tried to alert the  driver to the unfolding scene of an apparent stowaway escaping from his vehicle , but he appears to ignore their warnings.

immigrant tears a hole in the the fabric of the lorry container2.jpg

Theman believed to be an illegal immigrant cut himself free from the back of a  truck with Poland tags in north London rush hour traffic melded into the crowd. The man cut a hole in the the fabric of the lorry container and jumped out,  clear and free.
According to witness accounts, the man described as being shaven headed and possibly of Middle Eastern origins, wriggled out of the tear he had created and ran off down the street in London.
Jay Baker, who filmed the escape scene on April 19, said: “We couldn’t believe what he was trying to do. I think he wanted to jump on to our van.

Motorists tried to alert driver that a man was escaping from the back of his truck2.jpg

“We were shouting at the driver: ‘There’s a bloke in the back’, but I don’t think the lorry driver spoke English so he didn’t understand what we were on about.
“The guy must have had a Stanley or something because he’d cut right through the canvas and was looking to leg it.
“We kept screaming at the driver but just couldn’t get his attention. There were loads of people watching and as I was the passenger in the van, I took a video.
“Eventually we overtook it and gave up shouting, that’s when he jumped out and just legged it across the road. We never saw him again after that.
“I don’t think the lorry driver had a clue what was going on. He didn’t seem to know there was anyone in his wagon. Presumably the guy had sneaked on.
“I’m guessing he must have been an illegal immigrant. No-one else rides in the back of lorries and then runs away.”

immigrant tears a hole in the the fabric of the lorry container1

At one point in the 90-second clip, which has been viewed more than 56,000 times, Jay can be heard asking: “Oi, where are you going?”
According to eye witness Jay,  said: “He just jumped over the central reservation and sprinted into the distance.
“Who knows where he is now? I’ve seen all sorts driving around on jobs but I’ve never seen a man cut himself out of a lorry.
“It was just an ordinary day until then but then I put the video online and it’s just gone crazy.”
The incident occurred on April 19, however, the police said they have been no reports of the incident.

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