Derrick Dearman murdered five members of a family at the home in Citronelle, Alabama, before kidnapping his estranged girlfriend who was staying at the house with her sister, escaping their abusive relationship

Derrick Dearman, of Mississippi, turns himself in to police after invading a home, killing five people in their sleep

Cops say massacre at secluded home is the ‘worst case [they] had seen’  – Local police chief says it was ‘a very, very gruesome scene… It’s awful’ 

Dearman a career criminal wanted for burglary in south Alabama, murdered almost all adults living in the home, including a pregnant woman,  in neighboring Alabama

The killer abducted Laneta Lester, 24, his ex-girlfriend who  fled their ‘abusive relationship’,  she’s the sole adult survivor of the massacre as did a 3-month-old child of one victim

Neighbors say a brother and sister, and their two families, lived in the house

Dearman Faces six counts of murder for killing Shannon Melissa Randall, 35, Joseph Adam Turner, 26, Robert Lee Brown, 26, Justin Kaleb Reed, 23, and 22-year-old Chelsea Marie Reed who was five months pregnant