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17-year-old New York teen Brittanee Drexel,who went missing on Spring Break from Myrtle Beach in 2009 ‘was gang-raped, shot, and fed to alligators’ by Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor and his dad Shaun – FBI court testimony

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New Yok teen Britanee Drexell allegedly was raped, shot and fed to alligators by Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor right), in 2009

FBI testimony, Friday in a bail bond hearing for  Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor implicates him and his dad, Shaun Taylor, in teen’s 2009 disappearance

17-year-old New York teen Brittanee Drexel, went missing while on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

FBI allege, the 16-year-old Taylor abducted Drexell, held hostage for three days against her will in the area, killed her when the heat came down, aided by his dad

Convicted killer Taquan Brown’s jailhouse confession alleges he witnessed Brittanee Drexel gang-raped, shot, and thrown into an alligator pit by suspects

Joan Taylor, 44, Da’Shaun’s mom says allegations against her son and husband are ‘crazy’

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Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor1

The then 16-year-old Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor allegedly abducted and murdered Britanee Drexell in 2009. After the murder, he fed her body to alligators.
An FBI agent, citing a statement from a prison inmate, says a teenage girl from New York who disappeared seven years ago while on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach may have been gang-raped, killed, and fed to alligators, new information reveals.
Shaun Taylor, a former merchant seaman who now works as a tow truck driver and mechanic and his mechanic son, Da’Shaun Taylor, have been implicated in the disappearance of the teenager, 7 years ago.

Apple iPhone 6s 64 GB US Warranty Unlocked Cellphone – Retail Packaging (Rose Gold)Brittanee Marie Drexel, then 17, traveled to Myrtle Beach from Rochester in 2009 with some friends without telling her parents and disappeared without a trace after leaving her friend’s hotel on April 25. By June this year, investigators said they believed the missing teen was dead, and offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.
This week in Charleston South Carolina, agent Gerrick Munoz delivered the first detailed account of what investigators think happened to the teen from Rochester, New York, after she disappeared in 2009 while on a spring break trip. His court testimony is based on a statement from a prison inmate who claims to have witnessed the event.

Brittanee Drexel1
Brittanee Drexel was 17 when she was abducted, abused and murdered. She vanished after leaving a friend’s hotel in Myrtle Beach in April 2009, her body was never found
Convicted killer Taquan Brown. FBI agents have implicated 23-year-old Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor  in a new report that cites his jailhouse confession

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Earlier this year, the inmate, Taquan Brown who is serving time for an unrelated manslaughter charge, claims he saw Drexel’s raped and murdered.  Brown who was sentenced to 25 years for voluntary manslaughter told police he knew what happened to the young woman.

He claims in his statement that Drexel was being held in a ‘stash house’ outside of McClellanville, about an hour outside of Myrtle Beach. Police had previously said they believed that the high school student was held for at least three days against her will near McClellanville, where they last traced signals from her cell phone after her disappearance.

Brittanee Drexel  in pink bathing suit, went to the hot beach spot with three friends without her parents knowledge or consent- they thought she was at a beach in New York
Brittanee Drexel last seen leaving her friend’s hotel, she stayed for ten minutes before leaving and vanishing forever

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The inmate told agents he entered a ‘stash house’ in the days after Drexel’s abduction and saw Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, then 16, ‘sexually abusing’ Drexel.

Brown said he then went outside to give Da’Shaun’s father, Shaun, some money, and saw the girl run from the house, but she was caught and ‘pistol-whipped,’ and dragged back into the house. He then heard two gun shots and later saw the victim’s body wrapped up and taken away.

Britanee's mom Dawn Drexel1.png

Britanee’s mom, Dawn Drexel, speaks to reporters during a news conference in McClellanville, SC on Wednesday, June 8, 2016
FBI Special Agent in Charge David Thomas1.jpg
FBI Special Agent David Thomas speaks to reporters during a news conference in McClellanville, S.C., in June – Said $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in Drexel’s case 

Munoz said that, according to the second inmate, who got the account secondhand, Da’Shaun allegedly managed to get the girl from where he met her in Myrtle Beach back to McClellanville and then ‘showed her off, introduced her to some other friends that were there … they ended up tricking her out with some of their friends, offering her to them and getting a human trafficking situation.’

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When the teen’s disappearance began to receive massive publicity, the alleged abductor  saw a problem, so ‘murdered and disposed of’ his hostage.
Father Shaun and son Da’Shaun as yet, are just suspects with no hard evidence against them. As part of an effort to get Da’Shaun to cooperate in the Drexel case, he is currently being held on additional charges relating to being the getaway driver for the robbery of a McDonald’s in 2011.


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Da’Shaun had confessed and served his time for that crime, but agents hit him with parallel charges. His lawyer, David Aylor, calls the ploy a ‘squeeze job’ to get him to admit to the Drexel crime, which his lawyer says he didn’t commit.
Da’Shaun posted $10,000 bail  and was released.
Neither Shaun Taylor,  nor his son Da’Shaun have commented on the allegations. But Da’Shaun’s mother, Joan Taylor, 44, in an interview said her son is “fed up with it and he thinks it’s crazy.”

Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor's mother, Joan Taylor1.png
Joan Taylor believes the authorities are ‘trying to pin something’ on her son and husband.

She believes the authorities are ‘trying to pin something’ on her son. She said the implication that her son and husband were responsible for Drexel’s rape and murder are untrue and ‘not in our nature.’
She was stunned during the bond hearing when she heard the FBI agent’s testimony that implicated both her son and husband in Drexel’s abduction, rape and murder, Joan Taylor said.
“I wanted to just scream and yell.” She called the inmate’s story and the fact that the government is running with it “craziness.” The crimes her husband and son have been implicated in are “not in our nature,” she said.
She said her son lost his arm in a childhood accident, works as a mechanic, and supports a son, daughter, and grandmother.
Her son and husband are fed up with the allegations and think they’re ‘crazy,’ she said.

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