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Yana Leonenko a 2-year-old is kidnapped and drowned by her dad’s wife – Sharaliyeva was furious her husband had a lovechild outside their marriage

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Yana Leonenko, aged two, was kidnapped before being drowned in river

Police believe her father’s wife, G. Sharaliyeva,  carried out the murder in a Russian park 

Yana’s dad, Sakhyd Sharaliyev, had a relationship with a waitress,  resulting in her birth

Shocked Sakhyd says he’d told his wife about his love child and thought she was okay with it

Suspect Sharaliyeva has been arrested and detained by Russian police 

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Video of the kidnap

Yana Leonenko1

Little Yana was kidnapped and drowned by her father’s wife

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A 27-year-old Russian woman, in a fit of jealousy, kidnapped her husband’s love child before murdering the 2-year-old girl and dumping her body in a park, say state investigators in Russia.
The child’s aunt had left the toddler unattended for several minutes in a pushchair when the woman, named only as G. Sharaliyeva, seized little Yana Leonenko.
The aunt returned to the pushchair to see a woman dressed in a white T-shirt and black trousers in the distance with her niece.
‘I pleaded for help, and ran after the woman, but fell down,’ she said.
Onlookers did not assist her in chasing down the woman, she said. Eyewitnesses recount that the little girl had gone with her kidnapper without fuss. CCTV footage obtained by investigators, show the suspect dragging the girl through a park and later, carrying her, say investigators.
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Jealous wife and Child killer G. Sharaliyeva1

The suspect G. Sharaliyeva, appeared in court caged

Yana Leonenko being led away by G. Sharaliyeva4

Sharaliyeva was caught by CCTV kidnapping little Yana

Curiously, the suspect who is Muslim, who normally would not venture outside without covering her hair, but chose to ditched her hijab,and went bare head, eventually taking a cab and vanishing from sight.
Yana Leonenko, lifeless body was later found drowned in a river running through a park in the the city of Ivanovo.
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Using the CCTV evidence, the authorities arrested and detained Sharaliyeva on the orders of the court. Investigators allege she killed her husband’s love child. The suspect was arraigned in a metal cage in the court room. The prosecutor stated: ‘The investigation believes that the person who kidnapped and murdered the child is the wife of the biological father of the girl.
‘The woman made use of the short absence of a relative of the child and kidnapped the girl from the entrance to a residential building.’
A family friend said the woman’s husband Sakhyd Sharaliyev had had a relationship with a waitress in his cafe, resulting in the pregnancy.
They explained: ‘They had an affair three years ago. She was working as a waitress in his cafe. Soon she got pregnant.
‘The man didn’t want to leave his wife and their two children but promised to help to raise the child.’
‘The wife had been oblivious her husband had cheated on her.
‘His wife came from Azerbaijan about four years ago and for a long time didn’t know her husband had a mistress, more than one, in fact.
‘He is very kind, and helpful but scatterbrained. He was cheating his wife but she simply didn’t know about it.’

Yana Leonenko2

Yana Leonenko, drowned by her jealous step-mother

Yana Leonenko dad Sakhyd4

Yana’s dad, Sakhyd Sharaliyev

Sharaliyeva’s husband, Sakhyd Sharaliyev, admitted he had fathered the child but denied keeping Yana’s existence a secret from his wife, with whom he has two children, aged four and six.
Expressing his shock at the turn of events, he said: ‘When they said it’s my wife, I was shocked’.
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Sakhyd says his wife never went out with her head uncovering, to him she seemed ‘naked’ in the CCTV images, he said.
‘Her hair isn’t covered…she has no such clothes at home.’
He insisted: ‘She was always quiet and calm, she has never said anything [angry about the baby].
‘I promised her to not see that woman [Yana’s mother] again, but to help the child.’
An eyewitness who saw the child as she was abducted said: ‘The girl wasn’t crying, wasn’t fighting.’


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