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‘The sting of the scorned woman’ – Sandra Danevska jailed for falsely accusing ex-boyfriend of rape and acid attack after he dumped her – The affair ended 5 years ago

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Sandra Danevska, 38, has been jailed for five years for launching an “intolerable” campaign against her ex and two women he subsequently dated

British woman Sandra Danevska, launched an “intolerable” campaign against her ex and two women he subsequently dated

Danevska, 38, has been jailed for five years for stalking and harassment

Falsely accused her  ex,  a 45-year-old man of rape, stabbings and acid attack in a smear campaign that lasted 4 years 

The jilted woman filed 134 hoax crime reports against her ex-lover, crime reports posted on socialmedia brought cops out to victim’s house on 42 occasions and 10 times to his job
Authorities identified Danevska as the source of false alarms last year, arrested and charged her.

Convicted on three counts of stalking involving serious alarm or distress, and two counts of perverting the course of justice, jailed 5 years

A woman falsely accusing ex-boyfriend of rape and acid attacks after he dumped her
will spend the next five years in jail. Sandra Danevska, 38, was jailed, Friday for launching what has been described as an “intolerable” campaign against a man she briefly dated, and two women he subsequently dated. The spurned woman falsely accused her ex-boyfriend of rape and a series of horrific attacks after he dumped her.
Danevska launched what police described as an ‘intolerable’ campaign against her one time making 134 hoax crime reports .
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The jealous 38-year-old also targeted two women who subsequently dated her ex-boyfriend, identified in the case as Victim 2 and Victim 3 .
The authorities said investigation into the false claims, which included stabbings and acid attacks, also caused considerable waste of police time and resources.
Daneska was found guilty of three counts of stalking involving serious alarm or distress and two counts of perverting the course of justice on June 29, in a London court.
The smear monger was jailed, Friday and issued with a restraining order.
During her trial, the court heard Danevska and the man, known as Victim 1, had dated for a number of weeks a decade ago. They had another brief relationship in 2013 before he told her he preferred they simply remained friends. The 45-year-old man then decided he simply wanted to remain friends, but spurned Danevska could not handle the rejection.
Sandra Danevska, then set up bogus social media profiles and fake email addresses in her ex-boyfriend’s name. She used these accounts to send threatening, malicious messages to other people. Employing several mobile devices, she made numerous silent calls and sent text messages to her prime target.

Isleworth Crown Court .jpgIsleworth Crown Court, where Danevska was sentenced, Friday

In 2014, Danevska began sending Victim 1 emails from unknown accounts, almost daily, commenting on things he had done during the day, leading him to fear he was being stalked. An outcome of her online crime reports, was that police raided Victim 1’s address on 42 occasions. 10 times cops also went out to his job, all on false leads.
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The two women who later came into the ex’s life were not spared either. The court heard that a 34-year-old woman, Victim 2 had dated the man in 2010 leading her to become the target of Danevska’s campaign. The woman started receiving numerous threatening and malicious text messages and emails.
A 37-year-old woman, Victim 3 had similar history with Danevska’s ex-boyfriend. She dated the prime target of the hate campaign for a year, between October 2012 and October 2013. Police were called out to her home a number of times responding to reports of crime, supposedly created by her. She also received numerous malicious messages from Danevska via social media accounts, some of which indicated stalking because they referenced her movements during the day.

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Police in London launched a harassment investigation in 2011, by 2015 they were able to trace a series of bogus social media messages to Danevska. She was arrested and charged.
Detective Dean Puzey said:
“This woman’s actions caused her victims unimaginable distress and the sentence reflects the serious nature of her offending.
“Danevska stalked multiple victims and used social media and the police crime reporting system to make their lives intolerable. Her ex-boyfriend, an entirely innocent man, found himself a suspect for rape, stabbings and acid attacks – the impact on his life in particular was horrendous.
“Her actions also caused a massive waste of police time. Throughout Danevska’s campaign, 17 of London’s 32 boroughs responded to bogus reports of crime as a result of her malicious calls; her vendetta was a huge drain on police resources.
“Thankfully cases of multiple stalking are very rare and, despite all her efforts to avoid detection, we have finally been able to bring her to justice.”

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