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Oakland teen prostitute sex scandal – city fires Four police officers, others disciplined for exploiting Celeste Guap, the underage sex worker

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Last year September, seven police departments in the Bay Area came under fire after investigators revealed that as many as 33 cops at some point had sex with 17-year-old prostitute, Celeste Guap

Jasmine Abuslin,  aka ‘Celeste Guap’,  then 17,  claims she traded sex for protection and information on police activity, with officers, spanning two years

Celeste started revealing details of the relationships,  because her former friends had ‘ignored’ treatment


Most hit was Oakland PD who lost 3 successive chiefs in  nine days when the story broke

The Oakland mayor’s office just handed down disciplinary measures to affected officers

Four officers face dismissal proceedings, seven other officers will serve a range of unpaid suspensions

‘Celeste’ is currently in a rehab facility in Florida for heroin and sex addiction, at the expense Richmond PD, one of the seven caught in the teen sex-scandal

August 29,  
Abuslin was arrested for felony aggravated assault,  she had experienced a meltdown at the rehab facility, attacking staff and officers during a session

celeste guap arrested in her real name4

Jasmine Abuslin, aka ‘Celeste Guap’, was exploited and used as a sex baton by Bay Area cops, when she starting when she was 15. The affected cops and their supervisors are now paying the price

Jasmine Abuslin, aka ‘Celeste Guap’,  a teenage prostitute operating in the San Francisco bay area was was  exploited and exchanged as a sex baton by the cops, when she was 16 years old.  The affected cops and their supervisors are now paying the price. Oakland police department has started disciplinary action against a dozen officers implicated by a teenage prostitute in a wide-ranging sex scandal.
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The 19-year-old woman at the center of the scandal, Jasmine Abuslin, who also goes by the name Celeste Guap, said she has had sex with over 33 officers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, spanning over two years.
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She also claimed she had sex with four officers before she turned 18 and sometimes traded sex for protection from arrest or tip offs to planned prostitution stings.
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says the city’s police department started dismissal
proceedings against four officers, but noted some may have previously left the department. The department earlier announced that two officers implicated in the scandal previously resigned. A third killed himself last year.

libby scheaf lt roland holgren chief sean whent city admin sabina landrethOakland Mayor, Libby Scheaf, Police Lt Roland Holmgren, Chief Sean Whent and the City Administrator addressing a press conference at the break of the teenage sex scandal
With the depature of Interim Chief Paul Figueroa on June 17, Mayor Libby Schaaf, right, announces that city administrator Sabrina Landreth, left, will temporarily oversee the Oakland Police Department

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In addition, seven officers will serve a range of unpaid suspensions before being allowed to return to duty. Another officer will be required to attend training classes.
‘I am deeply sorry for the harm this scandal has caused,’ Schaaf said.
Schaaf declined to identify the officers being disciplined. It’s unclear if any of the officers were represented by lawyers. The officers’ union said previously it wasn’t representing most of the implicated officers because the alleged misconduct occurred while they were off duty.

brendan-o'brien-celeste-guap6Officer Brendan O’Brien committed suicide, lastb sept. The suicide note kicked off the investigation

An investigation into Absulin began after Officer Brendan O’Brien, one of those she allegedly slept with, killed himself.
Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley has also launched a criminal investigation. Her office didn’t respond to requests for comment late Wednesday.
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‘We are being very sensitive to the young woman who has been exploited and been hurt,’ O’Malley said on August 9 when activists arrived unannounced at her office and demanded officers be charged criminally. ‘We are working diligently.’

asmine Absulin, aka 'Celeste Guap', was arrested for battery in Florida1
Jasmine ‘Celeste’ Abuslin, in her mugshot after she was arrested for felony aggravated assault while in rehab in Florida, August 29

Most of the implicated officers work in Oakland, which has placed three other officers on leave. In June, the department cycled through three chiefs in 9 days, just as the teen sex-scandal broke.
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Police chief Paul Figueroa stepped down in June after only two days on the job, following predecessor Ben Fairow, who had been fired after just six days. Fairow himself had been Oakland Police chief Sean Whent, resigned the week the story broke. He had been accused of sweeping the scandal under the rug, though he was aware of it, which exacerbated several existing cases of misconduct. He was succeeded by Deputy Chief  Ben Fairow.  Chief Fairow was fired just six days into the job. Fairow’s successor, Police chief Paul Figueroa stepped down in June after only two days on the job, as well.

From left to right, former Interim Chief Paul Figueroa, former Police Chief Sean Whent, and former Chief Ben Fairow. .jpgGone in nine days: Left to right, former Interim Chief Paul Figueroa, former Police Chief Sean Whent, and former Chief Ben Fairow. All left their posts in the wake of the Celeste Guap scandal

Chief Fairow had  said at the time that the investigation into possible sexual misconduct with a minor stemmed from the suicide of an officer. Officer, who had just lost his wife in a controversial shooting death, a few months earlier had fatally shot himself just hours after ‘his friend’ Celeste started revealing details of the relationships with members of law enforcement on Facebook last September. The teen sex worker has not named the officers she claims to have slept with, other than implying a relationship with the dead O’Brien on Facebook

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Celeste and O'Brien2.png

Celeste and officer O’Brien. Brendan O’Brien killed himself just as the scandal broke

Abuslin, whose mother works as a dispatcher at the Oakland Police Department, hasn’t named the officers she claims to have slept with. She claims that only three officers paid her after their encounters, and recalls having up to ten trysts with a single cop.

Celeste Guap's Tuesday Facebook post. - FACEBOOK.

Her name surfaced after Brendan O’Brien committed suicide. The teen girl said O’Brien
slept with her when she was 17. He then committed suicide in September 2015, after he ignored her texts and she sent a message about their affair to one of his superiors.
She has consistently claimed that  she had sex with more than 30 Bay Area cops from at least seven different law enforcement agencies, including some when she was underage. Currently, at least five Bay Area police agencies still have internal personnel investigations pending.
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The teen had been sent to the voluntary rehab facility in Florida by officers in California in order to receive treatment for heroin and sex addiction.Richmond police department, one of the seven Bay Area police departments name in the scandal, offered the remedial program to the teen and she has taken them up on the offer. However, on August 29,she went through a meltdown and had a violent episode in rehab, attacking staff and officers during a session at the Treasure Coast Recovery Center, a voluntary treatment center in Florida. Police say the teen, who joined the center on August 26 to be treated for heroin and sex addiction, ran into the street, pulled up her shirt and exposed herself to motorists.



The teen is currently in a rehab facility in Florida receiving treatment  for heroin and sex addiction

After a security officer convinced her to come back inside she was taken to a small room, but quickly became upset, police said.
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When she was put into a police car she began hitting her head on the window and then tried to solicit sex, police say. She was later pictured smiling in her police mugshot while wearing a protective police vest. After her violent episode at the Florida rehab facility, Abuslin was held at the St. Martin County jail  on $300,000 bail.
According to ABC 7, which spoke to Absulin before her treatment, she was told to go to the center by California police who told her to ‘treat it like paid vacation.’
She also claimed that she had been in contact with a Miami pimp who had offered to come and collect her if things did not go well in rehab.
Sarai Smith-Mazariegos, who works with sex trafficking survivors in Oakland,went on to say at the time: “It’s not that she’s a bad person or she’s horrible. It’s the fact that she’s dealing with a lot of trauma. She doesn’t even understand her own victimization.”
Absulin’s claims are still being investigated and detectives have not ruled out statutory rape charges. Six Richmond police officers and several others working for other law enforcement agencies have also been implicated.


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