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Kristen Bury, the Florida Mother who beat her nine-week-old son to death and buried him in the woods, kills herself in prison; She couldn’t wait to testify against Joseph Walsh for the beating death of their son

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Mom who beat her nine-week-old son to death and buried him in the woods found unresponsive in jail, Saturday morning, she was preparing to testify against her husband for his role in the killing

Kristen Bury, 33, committed suicide behind bars in Sarasota, Florida a year into a 25-year sentence for her part in the death of 9-week-old Chance Walsh

She pled no-contest to aggravated manslaughter in January, was due to testify against her husband, Joseph Walsh, accused of beating and suffocating Chance with a baby wipe

Career criminal Joseph Walsh, 37,  allegedly struck baby Chance repeatedly before stuffing his mouth with a wipe

Bury and Walsh left the infant to decompose in his crib for days, then buried him in a shallow grave wearing only diapers

The couple were longtime drug users, another two-week-old son, Duane Walsh, died suddenly in April 2014, Florida Department of Children and Families Services inthe past, had removed seven children from the custody of Joseph Walsh

Bury’s death could jeopardize chances of convicting Walsh for the infanticide


Kristen Bury committed suicide in a Sarasota County Jail cell, before she could testify against her husband
Kristen Bury, the Florida mother  who was murdered  her nine-week old son and buried him in the woods, took her own life herself in prison, Saturday morning.  7-week-old Chance Walsh was beaten to death at the hands of his mother and father and wipe stuffed down his throat, last October.
33-year-old Bury was discovered unresponsive in her jail cell Saturday morning around 1 a.m.

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Sarasota deputies say the discovery was made by correctional staff who started CPR immediately, before she was transported by ambulance to Sarasota Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The deputies added that preliminary investigations point to a suicide.


Chance Walsh battered to death by the parents who were supposed to be protecting him in infancy

Kristen Bury’s Facebook postings on Sept. 21, pretending her baby was still alive while proclaiming her  “unconditional love for Joseph Walsh.”

“My awesome husband is taking us on our very first family vacay. I have no idea what he has planned. (smiley face) super excited… I love surprises.”

A day after the death of her baby, Kristen posted a series of notes on Facebook:

“Bright eyes and mommy just wants to sleep. So worth it though… My little thumb sucker.”

She even posted a picture of Chance with the caption:

“No matter what life brings, good or bad, know that I will always love you with all of my heart, Joseph Walsh.”

Later, she proclaimed her undying love for her child’s killer:


Chance Walsh never had a chance against his callous parents who left him in the crib for 8 days after his death while posting happy messages online

The medical examiner’s office and county sheriff’s office are both investigating the death.
Bury was arrested last October along with Joseph after the couple’s seven-week-old son was found buried in the woods near North Port.

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Walsh and Bury were arrested in South Carolina after getting into a car crash, Chance wasn’t in the car, but his grandmother Sally Susino called police saying she feared for the boy’s well-being, after the couple told conflicting stories to family members regarding the boy’s whereabouts.
Police say Walsh suffocated the boy by stuffing a baby wipe in his mouth before the pair hid the body in nearby woods.
Deputies say the baby’s father, Joseph Walsh, beat Chance and suffocated him by stuffing a baby wipe in the infant’s mouth. A month later, the remains of baby Chance Walsh was  were found in a shallow grave in October, he had been buried just wearing his diaper.


Joseph Walsh (right) allegedly beat his infant son to death. He is yet to face trial in Chance’s death. Bury (left) took her own life before she could testify against Walsh
Career Criminal Walsh is yet to stand trial for the 2015 murder of his infant son.  Florida Department of Children and Families Services had removed 7 children from his custody in the past. An earlier child with Bury had died under mysterious circumstances, in 2014 at two-weeks of age. Who dropped the ball here?

During her trail Kristen Bury testified that Chance died on Sept. 16 after he was allegedly struck repeatedly by Walsh. She said they were fighting the morning and her husband hit the child as she yelled “you are going to break his fucking neck,”  after he had threatened he was going to bash the baby’s head into the ground. She claimed she did not call authorities because she did not want to lose both of the people she loves in the same day. She also admitted that neither couple  made any attempt to seek medical assistance after Chance was beaten.

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However the death of her infant son on Sept. 21, Bury posted a picture of the baby on Facebook that made it appear as if he’s still alive. She posted a message to her husband, on the same day “No matter what life brings, good or bad, know that I will always love you with all of my heart. Joseph Walsh.”
In the wake of the discoveries, Bury took a plea deal.After she pled no contest to charges of aggravated manslaughter. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison, in January, for her role in the murder of her infant son.
Her husband, Joseph Walsh, is yet to face trial in the death o their son, Chance. The errant mother was expected to testify as part of a deal with prosecutor’s office .
In a statement, Lt. Joe Giasone said the initial investigation ‘indicates a suicide.’ An autopsy is planned.

Although the remains  of the youngster buried in a shallow grave last October , and the  fact that he was beaten to death established, there are fears that the death of the only eye witness to the event could make it an uphill task obtaining justice for baby Chance.
‘This could turn into a dismissal of the case for all we know,’ he said. According to criminal trial attorney Joe Viacava, ‘This could turn into a dismissal of the case for all we know,’ he said.
‘Having the one person that was there with no other real significant evidence, other than some minor forensic evidence, and as well as no eye witnesses testimony – she was critical to the case.
‘If she becomes the linchpin to their case and she’s no longer there to testify, that could be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.’


Joseph Walsh (top) and Kristen Bury (below) had lost a two-week-old son in 2014, under unexplained circumstance


For the baby’s grandmother Sally Susino who filed the initial report on the missing infant,
her grandson has not found justice. She had said she wasn’t happy with the deal, her daughter got for willfully participating n the demise of her own child
She told local media at the time: ‘I can’t say that I’m pleased with today’s outcome.
‘Understand I will always love my daughter. She was my flesh and blood, as Chance was to her.
‘And fortunately I do have the mother instinct, so this is extremely difficult, but justice needs to be done and we don’t feel the sentence was strong enough.
‘Mothers are supposed to protect their child at all cost and that wasn’t done.’
She chose not to comment after hearing news of daughter’s suicide, in just one year into the 25 year sentence.

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Records indicate that Chance is not the first child the couple, who are longtime drug users, had lost. Another son, Duane Walsh, died suddenly in April 2014 when he was just two weeks old.
Joseph Walsh is a career criminal with an extensive criminal record, according to the Sarasota County Clerk’s records. The Florida Department of Children and Families Services also said they have removed seven children from his custody,.

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