Exactly 9 months after Loyd DeJohn (left) murdered his wife Kimberly DeJohn (center), Angelica Gonzales (right) had a baby girl for her cousin, Loyd. Gonzales is testifying against her former lover. She says she was unaware her sister-in-law had been killed in the home

After 12 years of marriage, serial philanderer, Loyd Sabastian DeJohn, 48, bashed and strangled his  51-year-old wife before stabbing her death at their Warren,  Michigan home in 2014

He had sex multiple times with his cousin, Anjelica Gonzales, downstairs, after he stashed Kimberly DeJohn’s dead body in an upstairs closet

25-year-old Gonzalez, unaware of the murder, moved into the home 2 days after and had a baby by her cousin, 9 months later

Arrested for aggravated domestic violence, later upgraded to first-degree murder and disinterment of a corpse

He is facing up to life in prison without parole