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Atlanta lawyer, Claud McIver, shot and killed his prominent business executive wife, – ‘accidentally’ from the backseat of an SUV, family claims

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Atlanta lawyer Claud (Tex) McIver, fired the shot that killed his wife, Diane McIver from the backseat of an SUV sending a bullet through the front passenger seat and into his wife’s back, while someone else was driving

Family claims the shooting death of the marketing executive 63-year-old Diane, Sunday, was accidental

Cops decline to discuss the family’s statements, identify driver of vehicle at the time of the shooting or comment on security cameras that may have captured the shooting

No one had been charged as of Friday 


Marketing executive Diane McIver, sitting in the front seat of her family SUV was shot in the back and died near Atlanta, Sunday night.

A top Atlanta lawyer, Claud McIver Tex a partner at Fisher & Phillips, a prominent law firm representing employers in labor disputes shot, to death killed his prominent Marketing executive wife accidentally.
According to McIver family sources ,Claud (Tex) McIver took out his gun while riding with his wife, Diane McIver, 63, because they were worried about a possible carjacking when several people walked toward their vehicle.
Family friend and spokesman Bill Crane told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the top Atlanta Attorney Claude McIver accidentally fired the shot that killed his wife when their car hit a bump in the road.
Crane went on to say that a yet to be identified person at the wheel of their SUV drove the couple from the Midtown Atlanta intersection without incident Sunday night. The gun went off in Tex McIver’s hands in the backseat minutes later,  a bullet went through the front passenger seat and into the back of Mrs McIver.
Although the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled Mrs McIver’s death a homicide caused by the gunshot wound, and cameras at the scene near Piedmont Park appeared to be in position to capture the shooting, as of Friday afternoon, so far no one has been charged with the shooting death of the business woman. Atlanta police on their part,  have declined to discuss the family’s statements or comment on allegations that street security cameras may have captured the shooting.

Diane McIver died after her Atlanta lawyer husband Claud (Tex) McIver, accidentally fired the shot that killed his wife

Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard in an email, stated: “It is crucial for us to not taint any parts of the investigation by commenting prematurely”.
“We still have people to interview and it’s important for those interviews not to be contaminated with statements from media reports.”
According to Pickard,  investigators were working “expeditiously and will have something solid for media to report soon.”
So far the report from  Atlanta police report has not listed the occupants o the Ford Explorer other than Diane McIver, neither was the nature of the exchange between the responding officer and the driver contained in the report.
One of the questions raised and yet to be answered is why the driver took the injured woman to a hospital on Clifton Road, 4 ½ miles away whereas Piedmont Hospital is less than half that distance from the shooting scene.
Diane McIver,  president of Corey Airport Services, an Atlanta-based marketing company and her husband, a partner in his firm a partner at Fisher & Phillips, had been travelling from their homes in rural Putnam County to another one of their homes in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood.
Tex McIver who is is vice president of the Georgia State Election Board and a member of the advisory committee of The American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Gun Violence, allegedly removed the gun from the 2013 Ford Expedition’s center console because recent Black Lives Matter protests in the area had them on edge, Crane told the newspaper. His attorney, Bill Crane said the gun went off while wrapped in a plastic grocery bag as the SUV hit a bump blocks away.

Atlanta lawyer Tex McIver is partner at Fisher & Phillips, a prominent law firm representing employers in labor disputes, shot and killed his wife when a gun accidentally went off.

Tex McIver, a lawyer who has represented Georgia’s governor, as well as employers in hundreds of union disputes, is “under extreme duress,” Crane said.
“It’s a tragedy,” he said. “They are two great professionals, philanthropists.”
A portrait in honor of the late  business executive was to be seen on commuter routes within days of her death.  Meanwhile, airport advertising firm Corey Airport Services paid tribute to their chief executive, Diane McIver in a statement posted Friday on the company’s Facebook page.

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