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NY teacher, Kevin Pope, charged with assaulting, robbing student in drug deal gone bad – threatens to rape boy’s mother unless he pays back ‘deal’ money

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Teacher Kevin Pope was charged with robbery and assault of his drug dealing student

Kevin Pope, NY charter school teacher assaulted and robbed 16-year-old boy, threatened to have his other raped every day

Student  brokered a wholesale marijuana for 48-year-old Pope, failed to deliver on the deal but pocketed the money

Pope’s lawyer claimed at arraignment hearing the student had simply stolen the science teacher’s brief case, which was filled with $5,000 cash

Charged with assault, grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and robbery

Released without bail

Kevin Pope, 48, allegedly punched a teen boy repeatedly before stealing his iPhone and wallet.  The charter school teacher allegedly threatened to have the student’s mother  sexually assaulted ,  if he failed to return a drug deal money “every day after work”.
Pope was  charged with robbery and assault of student.

Gucci New Jackie O Women’s Shoulder Bag Wisteria Purple Lilac Leather 277520/AMKOGThe attack which was captured on a surveillance video and seen by an eyewitness, according to Assistant District Attorney Gerard Donahue. The victim suffered deep lacerations on the back of his head requiring medical attention after the assault about two blocks from the school, John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy in Hunts Point.
“You better get my money or I will kill you!” Pope told the injured victim before leaving.
At a court hearing, Saturday defense attorney Japel Filiaci’s claimed the student had simply stolen science teacher’s brief case, incidentally filled with $5,000 cash. He He was released without bail.kevin-pope1

Kevin Pope after his arraignment, Saturday

According to Police sources the would be dealer made off with the cash in a June drug deal gone bad. A criminal complaint charged that Pope robbed the 16-year-old student of a gold chain, iPhone and wallet during the Wednesday assault. Pope repeatedly hit the boy in the face, knocking him backward into the front window of a local business before the victim collapsed on the sidewalk.
“Do you want to die?” Pope allegedly yelled. “You want to steal from me? I should break your arm … I should get someone to rape your mom every day after work.”
“You better get my money,” Pope told the boy before leaving, adding: “You know where I work.”
The victim suffered deep lacerations on the back of his head requiring medical attention after the assault.

The John V. Lindsay Wildcat Charter School in the Bronx.jpg
Pope was teacher at John V. Lindsay Wildcat Charter School

Police say the events leading to the beating began three months ago, when the boy proposed to the teacher that he could broker a ‘weed’ deal through a drug connection in Manhattan.
Pope agreed to pay $4,000 for roughly a pound of cannabis, which cops suspect was he hoped to retail.
Student and teacher went to meet with the dealer, but the ‘deal’ fell through when the dealer upped the ante and demanded $7,000. The student walked away with Pope’s cash. Kevin Pope caught up the student on Wednesday to settle the debt.

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Pope, per his lawyer’s instructions, said nothing as he left the courtroom. The instructor was charged with assault, grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and robbery, and Judge Harold Adler issued orders of protection requiring Pope to steer clear of the victim and his mom.
At the hearing Pope’s lawyer, Japel Filiaci, insisted his client crossing paths with the marijuana broker was mere happenstance, after the money disappeared. The judge also took a dim view of Filiaci’s claim that the teenager robbed Pope while the teacher was riding a city bus with $5,000 cash in a briefcase.
When Adler asked what Pope was doing with that much money, Filiaci said she never asked.
“He took the money out, maybe to transfer it” .



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