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Crazy love triangle – Soldier John Watson, foiled in kidnap and murder attempt on former mate, James Dicks, for dating his enstranged wife

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Privarte John Watson, 43, allegedly,’tried to kidnap and murder former comrade’ he accused of breaking up his marriage, on May 4, 2016

Watson ambushed former squad mate Trooper James Dicks, 28, as he emerged from the home of his estranged wife Lynsey Foston, hog-tied him and dumped him in the trunk of his car

He had initially confronted Dicks, accusing him of sleeping with his wife, Dicks claims he was “terrified” because he thought he was going to die 

Victim James Dicks says the depth of the danger hit home when his face was wrapped in cling film and he wasthreatened with a knife, before police discovered the grappling pair and rescued him

Watson is charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and having a kitchen knife in a public place

Alleged victim James Dicks outside court

A member of the Royal Household Cavalry has described in court how he thought he was about to die after allegedly being kidnapped by a fellow serviceman who was also his love rival., on May 4, this year.
The Queen’s guard was allegedly kidnapped and bundled into the trunk of a sedan by a former comrade who had discovered his old friend was dating his ex-wife. Private John Watson, is accused of grabbing Trooper James Dicks, at Army accommodation near Windsor Castle after learning of his romance with ex, Lynsey Foston.


Accused would be killer, John Watson with ex-wife Lynsey Foston on their wedding day

James Dicks, who is based at Prince Harry’s former barracks in Windsor, said he was bound with plastic cable ties and thrown in the trunk of a car by former friend John Watson.
Watson, Dicks said, was armed with two knives , Watson allegedly tried to wrap his rivals face in cling film and held one of the blades against his chest.
Former pal, 43-year-old Private John Watson, had ambushed Dicks as he emerged from the home of the defendant’s estranged wife, Lynsey Foston. James Dicks had been in a relationship with Lynsey following the breakdown of their respective marriages.
Dicks, 28, told the court he was initially confronted by Watson who accused him of sleeping with his wife, and was “terrified” because he thought he was going to die.
Fortunately two cops who had been called by terrified neighbors, arrived on time to separate the grappling pair and rescue him.

Lynsey Foston.jpg

Lynsey Foston, at the center of the disagreement between the one time squad mates

Watson, of Pirbright Camp in Woking, Surrey, is on trial charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and having a kitchen knife in a public place.
Dicks testified in court that he was “hog-tied” in the back of Watson’s Vauxhall sedan after the defendant made a link out of cable ties to immobilize him on the back seat, which had been folded down and covered with a blanket.


Dicks testified ‘When I saw the cling film, I started to panic. I knew I had to do something about it. I had to get out of the car – I was obviously fearing for my life’

Watson, identified as a churchgoing father of two young daughters, drove for “less than a minute”, in an “erratic” fashion, forcing Dicks’ prone body to shift around inside the vehicle before stopping nearby where he produced a roll of cling film.
In his testimony, the alleged victim said: “When I saw the cling film, I started to panic. I knew I had to do something about it. I had to get out of the car – I was obviously fearing for my life.
“I noticed when he was attempting to peel back cling film he wasn’t paying attention [to me] so I leaned back and kicked him.
“It connected. He fell backwards and in turn the cable ties from my feet snapped so my feet could move.”
Dicks said although his ankles remained tied together, but free from the head rest, he was able to get out of the car.


Watson’s ex-wife, Lynsey Foston, left, accompanied by a friend


James Dicks with his current partner, Watson’s ex-wife, Lynsey Foston

He said: “He (Watson) came behind me with the roll of cling film. He tried to wrap my head in the cling film.
“It was tight – when I breathed in, the cling film went inside my mouth.
“I knew I had to stop it because he was going to kill me otherwise.
“I took one last breath then pulled my hands from the cable ties and they managed to break.”
The pair wrestled on the floor, with Watson again producing a knife and forcing it against the plaintiff’s chest. Dicks said he defended himself as: “I held them [my hands] where the blade was to stop it penetrating my chest.”
Asked by prosecution counsel Daniel Fugallo if he was aware it was causing injury to his hands, Mr Dicks replied: “I didn’t care.”
Dicks said only the arrival of two police officers armed with Taser guns, on the scene prompted Watson to let go of the knife. The battling pair were handcuffed and Dicks subsequently taken to hospital for surgery on his right hand.


The old friends, John Watson and James Dicks

The court heard Dicks and Watson became friends when they were both stationed at Combermere Barracks, near Windsor, last year, both married at the time, living in Army accommodation, but by the end of 2015 their respective marriages had broken down, with Dicks leaving his wife one month after the birth of their son.
Watson was transferred to Pirbright and by the start of 2016, Mr Dicks and Mrs Watson began seeing each other, a relationship they tried to keep secret to the chagrin of their former partners when it became public. In the case of Watson, the resentment took on a “dark and more menacing tone”.
The court heard threatening WhatsApp messages to Dicks from Watson  which were found on his phone after his arrest, with one reading: “If I am going to do something you will only know when it has happened.”
“They were indicating not only that he was very far from reconciled to the new situation but that he was heartbroken and had violent thoughts as a result.”
Police were later able to look at his internet search history and found he had researched the prison sentence for murder.
Watson made a “checklist” in his mobile phone, the trial heard, listing materials he would need to carry out a murder and steps to take to hide his tracks.james-dicks-outside-court1

James Dicks, appearing at Reading Crown Court

Under cross-examination from defense counsel Michael Orsulik, Dicks said he was still in a relationship with Mrs Watson and had a tattoo of her name on his chest. He however, denied he was living in her home at the time of the attack.
He also denied that he was carrying one of the knives allegedly used by Watson on the day of the attack, from Mrs Watson’s kitchen.
Mr Orsulik said: “You were best mates and you can’t bring yourself to admit you’ve ruined his family and yours.
“I put it to you that you were approaching your car in the car park when Mr Watson called out your name and you saw him – it is not disputed he had a knife in his hand, you said ‘oh, you’ve got a knife’ sarcastically.
“You said ‘well so have I’, and smirked and produced that kitchen knife.”
Mr Dicks denied the allegations.
Mr Orsulik said: “It wasn’t you defending yourself, it was you going for him, trying to get him out the way.”
The witness replied: “No, it was all him.”
Dicks told the court he and the defendant had been “friendly”, not best friends before their marriages broke down – despite Orsulik reading a stream of messages between the pair in which they discussed going drinking together and playing squash.
Watson denies attempted murder, kidnap and possessing an offensive weapon. He admitted a second count of possessing a jab saw blade.
The trial is continues



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