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Nadine Hernandez, LAPD detective investigating Derrick Rose rape allegations – dead in possible suicide

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LAPD detective investigating Derrick Rose rape allegations found shot to death in possible suicide

Det. Nadine Hernandez, 44, was discovered mortally wounded inside a relative’s Whittier, California home, Tuesday

LAPD, yet to confirm her death as either suicide or homicide

Earlier, the presiding Judge refused Rose’s lawyer’s motion to dismiss $21.5million rape suit, based on plaintiff’s delayed submission of incriminating texts

Judge insists jury will know about accuser’s damning delayed text disclosure 

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LAPD detective Nadine Hernandez, was found dead on Tuesday at a relatives house from an apparent suicide
The Los Angeles police detective who was investigating rape allegations against Knicks guard Derrick Rose has been found dead of a single gunshot wound,  in a home registered to a retired police lieutenant, who is related to the late cop. However, it remains unclear if she also lived there.
Detective Nadine Hernandez, 44, was discovered mortally wounded inside a relative’s Whittier home Tuesday afternoon after the LAPD received a call reporting an attempted suicide. She was transported to the PIH Health Hospital in Whittier, California where she died at 3:27 p.m.
So far, LAPD have not confirmed the death as a suicide.  There is no report of a weapon recovered at the scene, and detectives have not determined if the gunshot wound was the result of a homicide or suicide.

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Guard Derrick Rose’s rape case, according to team mates, has disrupted preseason for the Knicks

“We’re investigating it,” Whittier police Lt. Steve Dean told the L.A. Times.
Hernandez, a  19-year veteran was a detective in the department’s Robbery-Homicide Division Special Assault Section. She frequently was involved in high-profile sex crime cases.  She worked in the department’s media relations office before moving up the ranks to detective.

Police vehicles outside home where Nadine Hernandez was found dead .png

Police vehicles outside the home where LAPD detective Nadine Hernandez, was found dead on Tuesday.

The detective’s death marks a strange if tragic twist in the ongoing $21.5 million civil suit in which a 30-year old woman is accusing 28-year-old NBA star Rose, her non-exclusive boy friend of several years, of gang raping her with two of his friends. Randall Hampton and the NBA’s Ryan Allen are the other men named in the suit.
Last month, Hernandez wrote a letter confirming she had an open criminal investigation into the accusations leveled against Rose and his two friends.

Derrick-Rose-p5-large.gifThe death of Hernandez marked a tragic twist in the ongoing $21.5 million civil suit accusing Rose of rape. She sent the letter confirming her work on the case after a federal judge ruled that the woman who accused Rose could not remain anonymous during an associated civil trial.

The accuser has testified that the three men drugged and gang -raped her inside her apartment in August 2013 following a night of partying at Rose’s Beverly Hills mansion. She claims she was only semi-conscious during the encounter and could not have given consent for the act.

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 Nadine Hernandez

Giving a completely opposite narrative of events, the accused men say the encounter was consensual, setup and initiated by the plaintiff. Recently discovered text messages from the plaintiff to Rose before and after the encounter,  have also cast aspersions on the woman’s account of the day.
The defense, who all along have maintained that the case is about extortion, have asked for a dismissal based on the prosecution not turning over crucial evidence earlier during the trial. The request, this week, was denied by the judge.
The woman filed suit in August 2015, two years after the alleged encounter. Four months later, she reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department, but Rose has maintained that he was never contacted by Hernandez or any other officers from the LAPD.

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