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Actor Thomas Mikal Ford on life support after suffering an aneurysm

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One time ‘Martin’ star, Thomas Mikal Ford, 52, on life support after suffering an aneurysm 

The health of actor Thomas Mikal Ford, 52, is reportedly in a critical condition, after he suffered an aneurysm in his abdomen.
Ford who gained prominence for his performance as the sensible best friend of the main character Martin, played by Martin Lawrence, on the beloved sitcom “Martin”, is currently on life support at an Atlanta hospital, his wife Gina reportedly told TMZ.
Ford’s Martin moments
Earlier today, fellow actor Anthony Anderson, a friend of Ford’s, inaccurately tweeted that Ford has passed away. However, Ford was reportedly taken to the hospital on Sunday but his condition has only worsened since his arrival.
According to TMZ, his condition is critical and the prognosis for his making it through the day is not looking bright.
tommy ford on cast of martin2.png

Tommy Ford (arrow) with fellow cast members on the 1990’s sitcom ‘Martin’

Ford who portrayed Tommy Strawn on “Martin”,  starred on other popular programs including “The Jamie Foxx Show” and “New York Undercover”. He has also written a series of children’s books endorsing the importance of avoiding drugs and violence.

Tommy Ford4.png

Tommy Ford convalescing from his knee replacement surgery, a few weeks ago

In the weeks prior to the abdominal aneurysm, Ford had posted on his Instagram page about having knee replacement surgery.
Leading to the days before he was hospitalized in the aftermath of the surgery, Ford wrote on social media, “Working really hard in physical therapy! My progress is amazing! Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement! I’m excited about getting back to work!”

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