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At 20, stunning Russian weightlifter who looks like Barbie, but can bench-press 265lbs doesn’t believe success at powerlifting has harmed her femininity

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Russian Barbell Barbie responds to critics …’I don’t see how fitness is incompatible with femininity and good manners’

Julia Vins, 20,  ripped Russian weightlifter who looks like a doll left college to focus on her body building career

Now the champion powerlifter, model and fitness star can bench-press 265lbs, while still looking ‘cool’ 

 Julia Vins14.png

‘I didn’t set out to build muscles,’
‘I didn’t know anything about weights so I just found the biggest guy in the gym and repeated exercises after him’

Russian fitness star Julia Vins has 325,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her cute, doll-like face and extraordinary, muscle-popping body. She is also quite self assured.
At the age of 20, Vins has already broken world records, acquired fame and is making a good living, in spite of criticism from detractors, that she’s not feminine enough. The beautiful self-confessed Muscle Barbie would leave most male body-builders red-faced at the squat rack.

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The 20-year-old is already a multiple world record holder in powerlifting

The stunning 20-year-old already broken records at the World Powerlifting Congress – squatting 474lbs, bench pressing 265lbs, and dead-lifting 419lbs– all with her trademark pink bow in her hair.
Reflecting on her introduction to bodybuilding, Julia from Engels in the Saratov region of Russia, said:  “I was going to the gym just to get fit for a year when I turned 15, but I didn’t know anything about weights so I just found the biggest guy in the gym and repeated exercises after him.
“For me it’s very cool to be a role model. Many young girls in Russia make a big mistake and use steroids, which changes their voice and face.

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Hot muscles: Her stunning looks and impressive physique have landed Julia modelling contracts 

“I’m proof to everyone that you can be cute and lift big weights at the same time without using steroids.”
She says her boyfriend of four years, who coaches Julia, is very supportive – but not all blokes have been as encouraging about her profession.
She added: “My boyfriend is my coach and it is because of him that I have achieved significant success in powerlifting already.
“We met when I was 16 and I was at the initial stage of my career, and together we have come to what I have now.
“Some men can be intimidated by me and there are many people who wonder around me at the gym when I lift such heavy weights.

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While some criticise her for not being feminine enough, her response – “I know a lot of women with a feminine body, but they behave disgustingly and it doesn’t attract men at all.”

Russian Muscle Barbie Julia Vins has wowed Instagram with sexy doll lo
“I don’t show my strength on the street though. Many men say to me, ‘With your face you could be a model, why have you disfigured your body?’
“But often these comments are made by men who are not happy with their lives and own achievements so I don’t care about their opinion.
“I guess that society’s view of women will not change in Russia anytime soon. There are a lot of people who still think that the only function of the woman is cooking and cleaning the house.
“When I have travelled in Europe and Asia, I have noticed that people are more respectful to me and even if they don’t like what I do, they still respect my choice.
“I know a lot of women with a feminine body, but they behave disgustingly and it doesn’t attract men at all.”

Julia Vins shows off her chiseled guns while walking her dog. She has 325,000 followers thanks to her girly doll-like facial features and an extraordinary, muscle-popping body.
Julia Vins9.png
It’s all down to hard work as Julia strongly denies claims she uses steroids

Thanks to Julia’s Barbie doll image, complete with pigtails and buns, she has also landed modelling jobs in the video gaming industry.
The pro-powerlifter said it has been far from easy to reject society’s expectations of her and become fully independent as an athlete so young.
While many Russians live with their parents until they are 30, Julia moved out ‘a long time’ ago.
She said: “In Russia there are a lot of stereotypes, such as everyone should have a degree, but I left my university for the sake of my career and I’m very happy that I did.
“My parents did not support my idea but sometimes, in order to build a happy life, you need to sacrifice all that you have.
“Besides, I need to keep my daily regimen and diet, it’s much easier to do it while living apart from my parents.”
It is hardly surprising Julia boasts the muscular frame she does given her commitment to the weights room and diet.
She added: “I have training seven times per week and I never take a break. Even when I travel I continue to go to the gym because I feel bad when I’m not being active, this is my way of life.
“I live in a small town in Russia, so I don’t have a vast choice of food, my diet just consists of buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, eggs, chicken, beef and vegetables.
“In the summer we have a lot of vegetables, but in winter it is often frozen broccoli and green beans, I also take a lot of sport nutrition supplements.”

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Setting records on her way to victory in world competitions

Julia Vins4.jpg

hard working Julia has wowed the internet with her Barbie looks. She is also fiercely independent, unlike many of her peers in Russia, Julia moved out of the family home and lives on her own.

She may love protein shakes but Julia blasts claims that she owes her hulking muscles to steroid abuse and is happy for doubters to challenge her claim.
Julia said: “I know many do not believe it, but I’m always open to talk about it, and anyone can come to me for training.
“Also, I always suggest to people who do not believe that they pay me for doping control but for some reason they always refus
“My family are proud of me for what I’ve achieved in powerlifting and my mum has helped me throughout my life which I’m really grateful to her for.
“I don’t really talk to many of my old friends because I don’t like their attitude to life and I do not think that communication with them is meaningful.
“Now my entourage consists of intelligent and successful people who I’ve learned a lot from.
“Building muscle wasn’t my main goal at all – I even thought that it would be impossible, I just liked to lift heavy weights, which is why I still do it.
“I get thousands of interesting comments from people from around the world.”

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