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Chicago woman fights off rapist with a crowbar, knocks him unconscious: ‘I just kept hitting him’

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Chicago woman fights off rapist with a crowbar, knocks him unconscious: ‘I just kept hitting him,’ she said

58-year-old Angela Ferguson used a crowbar to knock a rapist unconscious after he broke into her home early Monday
Dorval Grice, 30, of Chicago Illinois arrested for the attempted assault of his neighbor
The ex-con is charged with home invasion and aggravated criminal sexual assault.
Held on $250,000 bail
Angela Ferguson knocked her would be racist unconscious with a crowbar 
Angela Ferguson, 58, woke up early Monday when her longtime neighbor, Dorval Grice, 30, broke into her home, jumped on top of her and demanded oral sex. The fast-acting Chicago woman fended off the rapist who called himself the “Grim Reaper” by bashing his head repeatedly with a crowbar.
“All I know is somebody grabbed my hair. He kept saying, ‘I’m the Grim Reaper,’”
Grice punched her several times in the head after she refused to have sex with him, she said.
“He kept saying, ‘Don’t look at me b—h, I’m the Grim Reaper.’ So he kept kitting me in my face, and doing blows to the head,” she said.
The bumbling would be rapist had slipped into Ferguson’s home through a living room window with a broken lock.
angela-ferguson2Angela Ferguson showing the injuries she suffered when her long term neighbor turned into a fiend and attempted to assault her

Ferguson fought off her assailant by striking him with a glass beer mug and managed to push the man out of her bedroom. Grice broke down her bedroom door and tried to attack her again.
This time, Ferguson grabbed a crowbar and thrashed him repeatedly until he was unconcious and bleeding, she told Fox.
“I just kept hitting him, kept hitting him and kept hitting him,” she said.

Ex-con Dorval Grice has been arrested for the attempted sexual assault of his long time neighbor


Angela Ferguson shows off her bedroom door which the intruder busted to gain access

Once Grice was unconscious, Ferguson rushed out of the house and dialed 911 but, despite living a block and a half from a police station, no officers came to her aid. “So then I called them back again, she said ‘Who is this?’ I said ‘This is Angela Ferguson. Please come help me, please come help me,’” she said. She had to call police three times before they responded.
When police arrived to her home at 7 a.m., they found Grice unconscious in the victim’s ransacked home. Grice who has prior convictions for aggravated robbery and possession of a controlled substance is charged with home invasion and aggravated criminal sexual assault. He’s being held on $250,000 bail.


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