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Veronica Panarello throttled her son Loris Stival, 8, with electrical cables when the boy ‘discovered she was having an affair with his grandfather’ – weeps in court as she’s jailed 30 years

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Italian mother who murdered her eight-year-old son when the boy ‘discovered she was having an affair with his GRANDFATHER’ is astonished and bursts into tears as she gets 30 years sentence

Veronica Panarello throttled her son Loris Stival, 8, with electrical cables in Nov, 2014
The child’s body was abandoned in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily

She claimed the boy had discovered her affair with his Andrea Stival, who turned around and killed him

Andrea Stival denies her claims and is threatening to sue his daughter-in-law
Shocked husband David Stival, disappointed in both his wife and his dad says “My wife has told an avalanche of lies”,  files for divorce
Veronica Panarello throttled her son, loris,  with electrical cables and abandoned his body in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily. She was jailed 30 years and lost parental rights to her second son


Veronica Panarello led away by cops who began to doubt her story, when CCTV footage at the school did not back up her story

A mother who strangled her eight-year-old son when the boy allegedly discovered she was having an affair with his grandfather has been jailed for 30 years in Italy.
Veronica Panarello was accused of throttling her son Loris Stival with electrical cables in Nov, 2014. The boy’s body was found abandoned in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily.
Panarello had tried to pretend her son had been abducted, telling police she had taken him to school and that he had disappeared by the time she came to collect him in the afternoon.
Judge Andrea Reale, handed down the ruling which is to be preceded by  a psychiatric evaluation. The prosecution had asked for a 30 year sentence for defendant.
An astonished Panarello listened, almost in disbelief, as the sentence was read, then burst into tears. Her attorney Francesco Villardita, said his client  “is considered innocent”.  But the court upheld the prosecution’s case that she killed her son on November 29, 2014, at their home in Santa Croce, Camerina.


Loris Stival strangled by his motherVeronica Panarello with electrical cables. She told family and authorities he had been kidnapped in school


Veronica Panarello dumped her son’s body in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily wher it was found by a hunter

Panarello whom prosecutors branded an ‘egocentric, manipulative liar,’ allegedly strangled 8-year-old Loris  with a narrow plastic band around the neck and then hid the body in the gully of the district Vecchio Mulino.  She told an earlier hearing that her father-inlaw, Andrea Stival, had helped to plot and then carried out the murder because Loris had caught them having sex. Ashe claimed her son had threatened to reveal their alleged affair.
In court however, the judge told Panarello: ‘You and only you, not his grandfather, Andrea Stival, as recounted in [your] latest version,  murdered your son.’ Stating held that the last defense theory of the motive appeared “plausible”, but not proven. For the judge this might yet be another “lie” from Panarello. He ordered the transmission of documents to the PM to “evaluate the consummation of the crime by the defendant’s slander against Andrea Stival.”
Andrea Stival’s attorney  Francesco Biazzo said: “It ‘a ruling that gives peace and justice to Loris and his grandfather, we always said the charges are false, and today a judge there acknowledges” .


David Stival (right) is shocked that his wife murdered their son,”We are at the end of two years of hell”. He has filed for divorce

Andrea Stival meanwhile is being investigated as an accessory to murder, according to the Italian media. So far, he has denied the allegations that he killed his grandson and is threatening to sue his daughter-in-law for slander.
The shocked husband,David Stival, who has filed for divorce was in court accompanied by his mother, Pinuccia who has now separated from her own husband. He listened in silence as his wife was convicted of murdering their eldest son and sentenced: “We are at the end of two years of hell ,’ he said.
With heavily laden eyes, he tried to recall events of the last two years. According to him his life has been destroyed, he even lost his job. He is hurt by the death of his son as by the accusations of his wife cheating on him with his father.veronica-panarello7

Veronica claims her father-in-law Andrea Stival (center) killed his grandson because the boy caught them having sex and was going to tell. He has denied the allegations but is facing a separate investigation 

David Stival who initially stood by his wife, defending her against the charges. As the case progressed, he had to come to terms with the realization that she could be guilty. He states that he was only in  “the search for truth and justice,” because the “lies” told by Veronica no longer convinced even him.
All along she claimed that she dropped their eldest son off at school, but Loris was not there when she returned for him at the end of the school day, insinuating that he may have been kidnapped. She held on to her account of events even as the state police investigations and the surveillance cameras belied her statements.
When Veronica was charged nine days after the discovery of the body in the gully by a hunter, Horace Fidone, David Stival’s world imploded, “If [it] was you I collapsed upon the world,” he said to his wife in dismay .loris-stival3

The 8-year-old’s body was abandoned in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily, where it was discovered by a hunter

Veronica Panarello’s account of events  kept shifting, but painting her as an innocent figure in the whole situation. She always claimed: “I am innocent”, a position she has maintained even after the ruling.
The judge ruled her crime to be premeditated, with extreme cruelty and has taken away her parental rights for the couple’s second child for the duration of her incarceration.   Addressing the media, prosecutor Rota, said he was Leaving the courtroom welcoming the ruling with “no satisfaction”, but with “knowledge of having done our duty, and a good job.”








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