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Sex assault victim cries foul as Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper reaches plea deal in Nevada, adding 3 years to the 18 he’s serving – demands harsher penalty for the ‘monster’

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Victim told court Sharper :”didn’t try to assault me, he did. I was drugged with no consent, I woke up in a bed next to him with no consent”
Victim was protesting Sharper’splea deal in Nevada for a reduced felony charge of attempted sexual assault,in her case
Sharper, 40, is in federal prison in Oklahoma City serving an 18-year sentence 
The former Former NFL safety got additional 3 to 8 years behind bars
He has been charged with felony sex assault spanning four states
Sharper is due back in court for sentencing in his Los Angeles case, Nov 16 
darren-sharper-on-trial2Sharper who is in federal prison in Oklahoma City serving an 18-year sentence just added to his tally

Disgraced former NFL star safety, Darren Sharper is due to add anther three to eight years to the 18 years he is currently serving in federal prison, in Oklahoma City.  Although Sharper is already behind bars paying for his unconscionable behaviour,there appears to be no end in sight for the convicted rapist.
In a Las Vegas court room, Thursday, in continuation of his sex assault cases spanning four states, his Las Vegas victim demanded harsher penalty, than his plea deal provided.
Delivering a powerful victim impact statement on behalf of her client, Attorney Gloria Allred told the court that the woman was not happy with Sharper reaching a plea deal in Nevada for a reduced felony charge of attempted sexual assault.
“He didn’t try to assault me, he did. I was drugged with no consent, I woke up in a bed next to him with no consent,” the victim said in her emotional statement read in open court.
Sharper is serving an 18-year sentence in federal prison in Oklahoma City and did not make an appearance to hear the woman’s agonized testimony of her emotional distress brought about by his actions at the Cosmopolitan hotel in January 2014.
After meeting him at Surrender nightclub in Vegas’ Encore Hotel, she recalled Sharper serving her and two friends shots back at his hotel suite that caused them all to black out.


Back in Feb, 2014, Darren Sharper, with his attorney Blair Berk, pled not guilty to charges of allegedly drugging and raping a pair of women he met at a West Hollywood nightclub, in a Los Angeles Superior courtroom

in her account she racalls she woke up groggy in Sharper’s bed with bloody gashes on her face and foot, too weak and confused to resist when Sharper started having sex with her against her wishess.
She sought medical treatment, submitting to a rape kit and tested positive for the drug that Sharper slipped into her drink, a powerful sedative Zolpidem, known by its brand name Ambien, she recalled.
“I was under the influence of the drugs I didn’t agree to take and had a concussion I didn’t ask for when the sexual act happened. I didn’t agree to having flash backs or PTSD. He gave it to me without me wanting it,” she said in the statement.


Pro-bowler Darren Sharper won the 2010 Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints. He also played for Green Bay and Minnesota before New Orleans

“Waking up every day I have to relive what he did to me, yet at the same time getting sick from not knowing what had cause the injury or what happened to me while I was drugged,” she wrote. “For months every time I looked into the mirror I would cry. I had to constantly wear makeup to cover the scar.”
The victim said she is ‘still scared to be alone, has trouble sleeping, fears for her safety seeing a therapist to cope with the trauma’.
“I feel as though I can’t trust anyone. I’m also not comfortable being alone on a date with a guy. I don’t go out for drinks much anymore with friends because I’m always nervous I will be drugged,” she stated.
Blasting the deal prosecutors reached with Sharper, considering his record with rape accusers in other states, she said: “I was never consulted on this plea deal in my case, and I believe that he should get the maximum penalty for sexual assault not this plea to attempted assault”.


Darren Sharper seeing here in his role as a TV sports analyst, reached  a global, four-state plea agreement that called for him to serve nine years. The deal was roundly condemned by critics who said it was too lenient

The woman said she would have liked to appear in court to deliver her words in person but only learned of the sentencing Wednesday and didn’t have enough time to book a ticket.
“I have been fighting for almost three years, and to not get the opportunity for my voice to be heard makes me sick,” she said.
Criticizing the handling of the case, victim’s attorney Gloria Allred, argued that Sharper should have been compelled to listen to the sentencing proceeding and victim impact statement.
The handling of the Sharper multi-victim, multi-state felony sex assault case has drawn sharp crticism all around. Sharper who played 14 years in the NFL with Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings, before ending his career with the New Orleans Saints was arrested and charged in California shortly after the Las Vegas incident for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting women he met at the Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood on October 30, 2013, and January 15, 2014.
Prosecutors said he used the same tactic of serving the women drinks doctored with Ambien. He also was accused of similar crimes in Arizona and Louisiana. His tally was six victims in the four states.

darren-sharper-on-trial4A happy Darren Sharper after the Saints won the Superbowl

Sharper’s defense team reached a global deal with prosecutors in the California, Nevada, Arizona and Louisiana. The four-state plea agreement was to see him serve nine years in prison. Critics lampooned the ‘soft landing’ deal.
Sharper was facing both federal and state charges in Louisiana, ultimately, the federal judge quashed the agreement and sentenced him to 18 years in August. A few days later, he got slapped with a concurrent 20-year sentence in Louisiana state court for raping three women in New Orleans in 2013.
The former Pro Bowler who the judge described as an ‘Epic Disappointment’, apologized and said he’s “not a monster.”
As the sentencing phase rolls on, Sharper is due back in court for sentencing in his Los Angeles case on Nov. 16.

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