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Emma Coronel, model wife of Mexican drug lord El Chapo, complains ‘he will die or go crazy’ after prison cut their love-making time behind bars, in half

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Emma Coronel, 26, model wife of Sinaloa drug cartel chief, El Chapo, says ‘he will die or go crazy’ after prison cut his love-making time 
Former beauty queen who wed  Joaquin ‘El-chapo’ Guzman, 56, in 2008, has filed a human rights complaint that weekly sex time [behind bars], has been cut to two hours a week
Guzman claiming psychological conditions are worse than any physical violence, said “They have not beaten me, but I would prefer that”
El Chapo faces extradition to US, to stand trial in connection with 12 murders in Brooklyn federal court
‘Escape artist’ Guzman has twice escaped from Mexican maximum-security prisons and Mexican authorities say reports of ill-treatment is part of a defense strategy to slow his extradition 

emma-coronel-aispuro-coming-from-a-conjugal-visi65Emma Coronel, seen here during a conjugal visit, has filed an official complaint because prison authorities have cut her time for sex with  her lover, convicted drug lord El Chapo 

The ex-beauty queen wife of  convicted Mexican drug kingpin, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is crying foul after prison authorities cut her love-making time with him.
56-year-old El-Chapo allegedly, is going mad, deprived of sleep and sex in prison. He is said be suffering depression, hallucinations and memory loss in the tough conditions in Ciudad Juarez jail, according to his lawyers and a psychiatrist who recently visited him.
The revelations come after his wife, former beauty queen Emma Coronel, filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission that her husband may die or “go crazy”, the LA Times reports.
Guzman, the head of the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel, who made news with two daring escapes from high-security Mexican prisons before being recaptured this year, complained to his doctor about “psychological torture” inflicted on him by guards.

joaquin-guzman-loera-aka-el-chapo5Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is going crazy deprived of sex and sleep behind bars, according to the official complaint filed by his wife

Glamour and spunk: Emma who has twins with the drug lord  is worried about his safety and not afraid to speak up

His current wife, Emma Coronel who is a US citizen added a claim that authorities had been too tough on her man, cutting his “weekly love-making time with her from four hours to two”.
The model, 26, who married Guzman in 2008 and has twin daughters with the feared drug lord, also complained that her conjugal visits with her husband had been reduced to two hours a week, from four.
El Chapo himself, asserting the psychological conditions were worse than any physical violence,said “They have not beaten me, but I would prefer that”.
In a statement his attorney, José Refugio Rodríguez, claimed Guzman “felt he was going to die”.
Authorities in Mexican deny Guzman’s rights are being violated. They  have characterized reports of ill-treatment in prison as part of a defense strategy to slow his extradition.

The Altiplano Maxium-Security prison in Almoloya de Juarez, Toluca, Mexico. Guzman escaped through a tunnel created for that purpose under the prison

National Security Commissioner Renato Sales Heredia, told the local media that Guzman has had 35 visits from family members and 33 visits from his lawyers since being transferred to the Juarez prison.
“The truth is he has not been subjected to torture, of course, or any degrading or inhuman treatment,” said Sales, who said Guzman’s isolation from other prisoners is typical of the country’s most highly guarded inmates.
As it emerges that the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto, is committed to keeping Guzman behind bars.
The government had been been embarrassed, on two previous occasions when the resourceful Guzman broke out incarceration, the last in 2015 when he made a daring escape from Altiplano prison near Mexico City via a mile-long tunnel. Authorities recaptured Guzman in January, this year.

joaquin-guzman-loera-aka-el-chapo8So far Mexican prison have failed to contain the drug kingpin as El-Chapo Guzman has escaped prison twice during his sentence

Sticking up for the rights of her man is not strange territory for the 26-year-old model. Earlier this year, Coronel accused the Mexican government of adopting harsh conditions to “get even” with the her drug lord husband because his escapes made them look bad.
She said: “They want to make him pay for his escape.
“They say that they are not punishing him. Of course they are.
Rodríguez, who has filed appeals to stop Guzman’s extradition to the U.S., said: “He doesn’t know when is day and when is night.
“He lives in constant anguish.”
El Chapo faces extradition to Brooklyn, where he is expected to be tried in federal court in connection with 12 murders.


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