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Russian teens livestream shootout with police after running away together and even post photos of their last moments on Instagram before killing themselves

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Two Russian  15-year-olds engage police in fire fight, then take themselves out fearing they would be separated if captured
The boy and girl both runaways live stream shootout and even post photos on Instagram before killing themselves
Denis Muravyov and Katya  live-streamed the shootout on video sharing app Periscope with Katya stating the couple have ‘zero options’ except ‘go out in style’
Denis had earlier shot his girlfriend’s mother in the leg earlier, after she was told off for attending a sleepover without permission


Denis and Katya streamed their gunfight with police and shot themselves in the end rather than surrender to authorities

Two schoolchildren live-streamed themselves in a shootout with police before turning their guns on themselves.
The 15-year-olds were found dead inside a house in the northwestern Russian Pskov region after the standoff.
The boy, named Denis Muravyov, had shot the mother of the girl, who was named Katya, in the leg during a row about attending a sleepover.

The chilling footage was filmed as police surrounded the house they were in.
In one horrifying sequence, Katya is seen holding a gun to Denis’s head.
Russian teen seen firing at police in Periscope live-stream. As events unfolded, it turned that the two 9th graders from the suburban village of Krasniye Strugi near the Russian city of Pskov, supposedly were troubled, delinquent kids. Denis is suspected to belong to a local youth gang and Katya was recently got kicked out of school for badly beating up another girl.

On the morning of the incident, Katya got into an argument with her maternal grandmother over an unauthorized sleepover.  She allegedly, pulled a knife and threatened her grandma, at which point Katya’s mom then jumped in and fought with Katya, trying to disarm her. Denis, who was also there then stepped in and tried to separate the struggling ladies.
As the situation escalated, he drew a pistol. In the videos and social media posts he claims he only wanted to scare them all, but ended up shooting Katya’s mom in the thigh, wounding her. The mother and grandmother then fled the house and called police.
The teens then barricaded themselves in the home and Denis began firing at the police van outside their window

The pair was involved in a shootout with police before turning the guns on themselves

In his final post, Denis posted: ‘I loved you, but you do not notice how you destroyed my mind and life.
‘Goodbye all, friends and family, and acquaintances.
‘Do not worry, I will go out in style.
‘Good luck to all in your life and please do not be afraid to live as you want or you see fit. Life is for fun – this is the best life.
‘I love you.’

Ina made for social media staging, the gunfight began as police surrounded Katya’s family home where she and Denis had announced they had barricaded themselves
The gunfight was broadcast on live video app Periscope, and pictures of them firing at police were also posted to Instagram.

in their statement to Russian national media, The National Guard special forces said they found ‘the bodies of a girl and a young man with clear signs of suicide’, stressing they did not open fire.
On the live streaming video, Katya, who had been dating Denis for approximately six months explains: ‘We have zero options.’ The giggling Russian teens then proceed to fire guns as they literally live stream their final hours. At a point Denis is heard saying that they both would rather die, together, than surrender and go to prison.
They supposedly did exactly that. Police finally stormed the house, and it was reported they found the two teens dead from apparently, self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Denis Muravyov and Katya4.jpg

Denis and Katya were found dead by police, both held weapons in the disturbing footage showing their standoff with Russian police before they allegedly took their own lives. Police maintain they only used stun grenades to gain access and did not shoot the kids

The  video shows the couple holed up in the house surrounded by weapons,  Denis adds: ‘If we don’t surrender, we die. But if we surrender, we will never see each other again.’

The couple are heard laughing and joking inside the house, but at one point Katya screams at the sound of a gunshot, later she’s also heard laughing as Denis fires on a police vehicle parked outside the home.
As well as at least two rifles, each of the teenagers was seen holding a rifle, and the footage reveals boxes of ammunition on a table inside the house.
‘This is a terrible tragedy. We’re looking into the circumstances and the details of what happened,’ Russian children’s ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova told the media.

Denis Muravyov and Katya8.jpg

The couple are heard laughing and joking inside the house, as the standoff unfolds

The video showed them drinking and smoking in their final hours, as they said they feared decades behind bars if they surrendered

Denis is also seen holding a photograph of Russian President Vladimir Putin shaking hands with a man in a suit.
Pointing to the man standing next to Putin, he says he needs to be killed, but says Putin is ‘OK’. Katya claims that this man [who is yet to be identified] has beaten her up repeatedly.


The footage showed the couple had access to a weapons cache: Two shotguns, a Tokarev T-33 pistol, a knife, and plenty of ammo

The video shows Denis holding a picture of a man shaking hands with Vladimir Putin. He said the Russian President is ‘OK’, but said the man with him should be killed
Investigators said they were trying to find out the reason for the ‘desperate step’ by the teenagers.
Investigators said police were called to the house as part of the search for a missing teenager, only for a police car to come under gunfire.
Katya said in the footage posted on Periscope that there were guns in the house because her stepfather is ‘in the special forces’.

Denis Muravyov and Katya9.pngKatya then claims this man shaking hands with Putin has beaten her up repeatedly. Denis says the man said the man should be killed.
denis-muravyov-and-katya3The teens barricaded themselves in for three days and Denis began firing at the police van outside their window

Denis is shown firing a rifle from the window of the wooden house at a police van.
Special police spent hours negotiating then stormed the house using stun grenades and found the teenagers shot dead, investigators said.
The teenagers transmitted footage of their last hours in which they smoked, drank and answered classmates’ messages. They referred to conflicts with their parents and said they had been holed up in the house for three days. Denis posted that he had also shot Katya’s mother in the leg and they feared they would spend decades in jail if they surrendered. Katya’s mother had been infuriated when the teenager attended the sleepover without permission, which led to an altercation.
Some observers do not believe the police version of events. The alternate version is that police themselves killed the two 15-year-olds and are now claiming suicide to absolve themselves of responsibility.
Police have been  called names,”fucking child killers” etc. Another school of thought, close to the crime scene, however, support the authorities and say the people who disagree are idiots who never lived in a neighborhood like that and so think kids like Denis and Katya are innocent little angels when, in reality, they and others like them, are a violent danger to society.

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