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Cops arrest fugitive Florida woman, accused of killing ex-boyfriend after a ‘bad break up’, Melanie Eam was nabbed in Maryland, Saturday

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Florida woman, Melanie Eam, murdered fomer lover in Florida, Thursday after a ‘bad break up’ and fled the state
Police arrested the fugitive killer, Saturday  in Maryland 2 days after she had gone on the run
Eam, 20, allegedly stabbed 21-year-old James Barry fatally, in Florida, Thursday
The pair reportedly,  had recently gone through a bad break up


Melanie Eam and James Barry(right) reportedly went through a bad breakup, recently

21-year-old James Barry was found inside his home in the Royal Ascot Estates Community. of Loxahatchee, in Palm Beach, Florida. Barry apparently died from stab wounds on Thursday morning. His ex-girlfriend, Melanie Eam, 20, was immediately identified by  Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office as a person of interest, but she had already skipped town.
She was arrested on Saturday after going on the run to Silver Spring in Maryland, almost 1,000 miles away from the scene of the crime.

Melanis Eam and James Barry3.png

Melanie allegedly (left), fatally stabbed her ex-boyfriend, James Barry in his Palm Beach, Florida home on Thursday.

Family members said the pair had recently gone through a bad break up.
Barry’s mother, Nicola Barry, told CBS12 her slain child was a loving, model son.
‘A good kid, his life taken the way it was taken,’ she said.
According to his profile, Barry graduated from Seminole Community High School in 2014, and worked at the Pet Supermarket in Royal Palm Beach. His coworker shared, “He was a nice kid, he worked really hard. He was a gentle kid, not a mean bone in his body. Everyone who knows him will miss him a lot.”


After killing Barr, Melanie Eams went on the run for days. She was captured in Maryland, Saturday.

The outpouring of love continues flooding his walls on Facebook as well. Friends writing messages like, “Last night I lost the worlds best friend”, “Can’t believe you are gone”, and “Justice will be done.”
Eam is expected to remain in custody in Maryland until she is extradited back to Palm Beach County.


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