Anthony Showers can be seen on security cameras walking the streets of Anfield in Liverpool, UK making his way to his ex-girlfriend’s family home.
Showers stole into the home and bludgeoned petit Jade Hales, 28, to death with a hammer. He meted out the same treatment ro Jades mother, 53-year-old Karen Hales who was disabled after surviving a stroke. The family’s pet pitbull terrier Tyson, suffered a similar fate.
Showers received a life sentence to serve a minimum of 29-and-a-half years, Friday, at the Liverpool Crown Court after he admitted committing the crime ‘for love’.
He had denied responsibility for the double homicide, before the CCTV footage proved he was lying when he said he only visited Karen and Jade Hales’ home in Anfield once, and that he had been allowed in. Instead he was forced to admit visiting the home twice and actually breaking in.

CCTV captured showers going and comes from the Hales family home.jpgCCTV captured Anthony Showers going to the Hales family home in Liverpool, UK
CCTV footage shows him on his way to victims' home - and then walking away with a bag containing the bloodied hammer.jpg
CCTV again captures Showers coming from the crime scene,  This time  with the bloodied murder weapon [hammer] in a bag 

The video clip shows him running along Townsend Road and into Cathedral Road, where victims lived, at 6.59am.  At 7.21am he is seen leaving Cathedral Road, heading back towards his home. Local paper the Liverpool Echo , reports that four minutes later he is again seen on Townsend Lane, heading towards Cathedral Road.
But this time he goes past that street and heads in the direction of Abbey Road, from where he could access his victim’s backyard. The footage, from a nearby fastfood restaurant, also helped establish that he took the hammer to the scene.

Victims: Showers’ ex-girlfriend, Jade Hales (right), and her mother Karen Hales

The footage shows that he spent around five hours in his victims’ house as seen finally walking home, at around 12.40pm. This time he is seen carrying a shopping bag, which was later found by police to contain the bloodstained hammer.
Showers admitted murdering the mother and daughter and killing their Staffordshire bull terrier Tyson. He told police he “did it for love”.
He said Jade – who had fallen pregnant three times and at least twice had abortions – told him: “I don’t want your f***ing n***** babies.”
Showers claimed he stormed downstairs and, hearing Karen repeat the ‘racist remarks’, picked up a hammer on the floor.
He said he murdered them in “an out of body experience”, but did not recall killing the dog.
Showers said he finally dropped the weapon and asked himself: “What am I f***ing doing?”
He later told an officer: “I did it for love – what would you do if your wife got rid of three babies?”

 The psycopathic defendant denied bringing the hammer or raping his ex, isnsisting they had consensual sex, before the murders.
Judge Thomas King ruled he used the weapon to break-in and raped her, possibly after she died. Jailing him for life, judge King said: “You bludgeoned each of your victims to death using that hammer with severe force.

“These on any view were brutal fatal attacks on each of two innocent victims. Both were vulnerable.
“Jade was a petite lady in need of protection from you. Karen in particular was disabled, only able to walk with a zimmer frame.”
Court documents show Showers had been in an “abusive relationship” with Jade, who was ignoring his texts and calls.

Jade Hale's sister.jpg
Jade’s sister, Amanda Hales, gave a moving the victims impact statement

She previously gained a non-molestation order and her mum secured a restraining order against him, after 21 incidents, including a violent break-in.
Prosecutor Richard Pratt, told the court Showers broke in through a back window at around 7:30am on June 12, then “set about his victims one by one”
He then remained in the house in Cathedral Road for five hours, the court heard.

Jade Hales2.jpg

“Jade was a petite lady, Karen a stroke survivor , disabled, only able to walk with support”

Showers, who was on a tagged home curfew, was also seeing a woman called Fatima Saleh, who Jade had previously been indicted for harassing
The next morning, the blood-soaked killer told Saleh: “I’ve attacked her and her mum was there, I’ve had to attack her mum as well and the dog.
“I don’t know what was going through my head at the time.”
Saleh told  a colleague at work, who then called in the attack to the police. Responding officers to the blood soaked home said they made a “gruesome discovery”.

Hazmat teams move in to clear the crime scene after Showers killed his ex, her mom and their pet dog leaving behind a gruesome blood bath at the home in Liverpool, UK

Karen Hales described as an “exceptionally vulnerable” stroke survivor, was found with head and face trauma. Her care giver Jade, whose body had been moved, was found lying on a bed, naked except for a t-shirt, with head injuries from at least 12 hammer blows, violated.
Officers arrested Showers at gunpoint, as he was going to hand himself in, with the hammer in a shopping bag.
Phone records showed he told Ms Saleh, he would kill her. A month earlier, in May he sent a text saying: “I can’t put up with this person being on the earth, breathing on this earth when I am on the earth.”

Jade’s sister, Amanda Hales, addressing the media after the sentencing, Friday

In the days leading up to the killing spree, Jade ignored him and he sent her a message saying: “I will never forgive you for this.”
Justice King said the defendant’s’ “incredible explanation” that they had consensual sex with the victim after he smashed his way into their home was “implausible”.
“What you did to Jade in her dying moments was truly appalling.
“You moved her to a bed and performed sexual intercourse on her while she was in the process of dying or already dead,” Justice King said.

Judge King told Showers: “What you did to Jade in her dying moments was truly appalling.”

Showers has convictions dating back to when he was 15, including wounding, drug dealing, robbery, gun charges and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.
Defense counsel Nick Johnson,  said his client who has a history of anxiety and depression, came from an “extremely dysfunctional family”.
“He has previously complained of serious physical and sexual abuse at the hands of family members.” Nick Johnson said.