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Former actress jailed convicted for helping husband feed his ex-girlfriend’s corpse to alligators after trying to dissolve it in acid – Amanda Hayes previously found guilty in the murder Laura Ackerson, gets additional 20 to current 16 1/2 years sentence

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Amanda Perry Hayes sentenced to 20 years in jail on Monday of the second-degree felony of tampering with evidence to impair its availability
The 46-year-old former actress participated in trying to dissolve the body of her then husband’s ex-girlfriend in acid before tossing it into an alligator-infested lake in Texas
Laura Ackerson, 27, was involved in a bitter custody battle with musician Grant Hayes over their two sons in 2011 when she vanished
Amanda and Grant Hayes, 39, were convicted in the murdered Laura Ackerson who had gone to pick up the toddlers from the couple’s home in Raleigh, North Carolina on July 13, 2011
Grant and Amanda Hayes dismembered Ackerson, packed her body in a cooler and drove to Texas and tried feeding her remains to alligators when attempts to dissolve the body parts in acid failed 
The 20 year sentence runs consecutively to the 13 to 16.5 years she is serving since 2014, for the second-degree murder of Ackerson
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In a related trial Amanda Smith Hayes [photo], has now also been found guilty of trying to dispose of the body of Laura Ackerson in Texas. Laura and her then husband Grant Hayes, have been convicted in the murder of Ackerson, the mother of his children in North Carolina

An actress who was previously convicted of murdering her then husband’s ex-girlfriend in North Carolina has now also been found guilty of trying to help him dispose of that body in Texas.
Amanda Perry (Tucker) Hayes, 46, was convicted on Monday of the second-degree felony of tampering with evidence to impair its availability, for trying to dissolve the body of her ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend in acid and then tossing it into an alligator-infested lake in Texas.

Amanda Hayes’ testimony in her first-degree murder trial on Feb. 11, 2014. She was found guilty and sentenced to serve 13 to 16.5 years. Her new sentence of 20 years, will run consecutively

In her first trial regarding the murder of her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Amanda Hayes was first found guilty of second-degree murder of Laura Ackerson, 27, on February 18, 2014.

In a separate trial Grant Hayes was found guilty of the first-degree murder of the mother of his children on September 16, 2013, after less than two hours of jury deliberation in a trial that lasted just three weeks.
He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
39-year-old Grant shared two children with Ackerson. The victim had gone over to the Hayes’ apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina, to pick up her children when the married couple murdered her in July of 2011.

Amanda Smith Hayes 6.JPGAmanda Hayes’ Feb. 12, 2014, testimony in her first-degree murder trial

‘The jury verdict was swift and the Court’s sentence was appropriately harsh,’ lead prosecutor Amanda Bolin told WXII 12.
‘Laura Ackerson’s family can be assured that Amanda Hayes will be punished for all of her barbaric behavior – whether it was in North Carolina or the great state of Texas.’

On July 13, 2011, Amanda and Grant dismembered the body of 27-year-old Laura Ackerson, [photo], in their apartment, packed it in coolers and drove with it to the Richmond, Texas home of Amanda’s sister

‘Once in Richmond, the couple first attempted to use muriatic acid to destroy Ackerson’s body,’ a press release from the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office stated.
‘When that didn’t work, they took a boat onto Oyster Creek and dumped Laura’s body parts into the water with hopes that alligators would eat her remains.’

But the Hayes’ plan to conceal the brutal murder was not successful.
Investigators found Ackerson’s torso and lower leg floating in Oyster Creek on July 24, 2011.
Dive teams later found more of Ackerson’s remains. Both were tried and convicted in the cold-blooded murder of  Laura Ackerson

Amanda was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison by  the 400th District Court in Texas for the tampering with the evidence charge.
The sentence will run consecutively to Amanda’s North Carolina sentence, which was 13 to 16.5 years in prison, beginning in 2014, WRAL reported.
After he was convicted of the first-degree murder charge in the killing of the mother of his children on September 16, 2013, Grant was condemned to spend the rest of his life behind bars.
Amanda Hayes gave birth to a daughter, fathered by Grant, on June 9, 2011. The four times married Amanda divorced Grant in 2014.
Grant was the fourth husband for Amanda who has another adult child from a previous relationship, born in 1989.

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