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Two Kentucky men on a stake out accidentally dial 911 while discussing plans to rob police chief’s favorite restaurant

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Now how dumb is that?

Robert Bourne and David Grigsby dialed in a local dispatcher into their pre-robbery scrum, live, as they hatched their plans
Police arrested Bourne and Grigsby sitting in a car outside Brothers BBQ they were planning to rob
Two inept would-be robbers tipped off cops as they planned to rob a local restaurant, in Danville, Kentucky. Emergency dispatchers had front row seats as the two men planned how to rob Brothers BBQ.
As Robert Bourne and David Grigsby hatched their plans, apparently, one of the suspects accidentally activated his cell phone’s emergency mode, dialing 911 – dialing in a local dispatcher into their re-robbery scrum, live
They two allegedly, discussed places they could target, even mentioning how the local police chief is sometimes spotted eating dinner at the restaurant. The pair were sitting outside the establishment Saturday night while making their plans.
After listening in, a 911 dispatch operator contacted Danville Police, who sent an officer to inform Police Chief Tony Gray. As it turns out, Gray was eating at the restaurant at the time.


Two man nabbed discussing possible robbery of Danville’s Brothers BBQ2.jpgA ski mask was found on one of the would-be robbers, curiously neither had a  weapon

“They start to walk out together, then Tony gets a call — I see Tony’s police face come on, so I knew something was up,” owner Mike Southerland told the Advocate-Messenger.
The 911 call still going, police were able to triangulate the signals, leading authorities to the Brothers BBQ parking lot. Officers pulled Bourne and Grigsby out of their vehicle. The surprised restaurant owner came face to face with the two local men.
“They were just in earlier having a beer,” Southerland said.
“I saw a ski mask they’d taken from them and it was on the top of the car, and I thought, ‘Holy crap, they were seriously ready to do it.'”
 “At this point in time, they have probably been released and charged with some alcohol-related offenses. We will be letting the prosecutor listen to the tape to make a call on any further charges,” Chief Gray said.
As neither Bourne nor Grigbsy reportedly had a weapon, they 
were both charged with public intoxication, a second offense for each. Grigsby also was charged with possession of an open alcohol container in a vehicle and disorderly conduct. Both were released on their own recognizance.

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