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David Caron, police chief of Connecticut town, resigns after sending racially insensitive and nude photos

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Police Chief David Caron resigns after sending nude photos on his official email in Glastonbury, Connecticut 
Glastonbury Town’s top cop, a 40-year veteran, also sent racially insensitive material, mocking the death of Michael Brown and the Black Lives Matter movement’s campaign against police brutality. 
62-year-old Chief canon and admitted to a lapse in judgement as he tendered notice of his intention to resign, Wednesday
A Connecticut police chief is resigning after sending a racially insensitive picture of naked women from his official email account.
Chief David Caron is stepping down as Glastonbury’s top cop after being found sending the racy racist photos on at least three occasions, the town’s manager told the Hartford Courant.
The 62-year-old Police Chief of Glastonbury ,  admitted Wednesday to “a lapse in judgment” over photos of nude women sent on his official town email account. According to Glastonbury Town Manager Richard J. Johnson, Chief Caron, submitted notice Wednesday of his intention to retire after 40 years on the police force, the last five as chief.
One of the contentious email photos shows a group of nine models holding their arms up, under the headline  “I just can’t believe how this ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ crap is spreading!”
The phrase the meme is mocking stems from the August 2014 police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and has been used by the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality.
Above that headline were the words: “When is all this senseless violence going to end???
Don’t the blacks know white lives matter, too?!!!”
Another email printout allegedly, shows topless and bottomless women wearing just cowboy hats and boots, preceded by a comment signed “Dave” – saying that the photo layout was shot in Wyoming, which “explains why you were so eager to move.”
While the other photo also shows a “tattooed lady” who does not actually have any tattoos.
When initially contacted about the photos by local media, Caron did not deny sending the pictures, but said that he did not remember them specifically among other naked photos he shared.
However, later the chief tried to recant his earlier admission saying he didn’t write any of those words and, again, didn’t even remember seeing them. He called the Hartford Courant.  hours later, on Wednesday night, to again deny writing or seeing that language, and added that no one can be sure the printouts were not altered.
The chief has held his position for five years, and it was not immediately clear when his resignation would take effect.
Glastonbury Town Manager Richard J. Johnson told the Courant:”He notified me in writing this morning, confirming his intention to retire,” Johnson said Wednesday night. No date has been set, Johnson added.

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