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Taliban in largest drug bust ever – 20 tons of drugs found in Afghanistan, possibly the largest heroin seizure in history

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Nearly 20 tons of drugs found in Afghanistan, possibly the largest heroin seizure in history in Farah, Afghanistan near the border with Iran 

Joint counter-narcotics operation netted as 6.4 tons of heroin base, 12.5 tons of morphine base, 134 kg of opium, 129 kg of crystal heroin and 12 kg of hashish

The ‘find’ was made in a  “superlab” at Farah near Afghanistan’s border with Iran
Lab was operated by a suspected Taliban commander, Abdul Rahman and Haji Janan, a suspected Taliban facilitator and trafficker
Joint force also confiscated nine motorcycles and five AK-47 rifles from narco factory
The $60 worth of drugs was meant to fund insurgency activities by terrorists

Joint force found the massive stockpile of drugs in Superlab operated by Hadimama drug trafficking network in Farah, Afghanistan near the border with Iran
A joint U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, American Special Forces and Afghan counter-narcotics operation in October resulted in an unprecedented narcotics seizure of 20 tons, which officials said was the “largest known seizure of heroin in Afghanistan, if not the world.”
The counter-narcotics operation targeting the militant extremist group in Afghanistan  was hushed until today, when a DEA official confirmed the contents of a field intelligence report obtained byABC News but did not explain why a successful “superlab” takedown  was not officially announced.
DEA spokesman Steven Bell broke down the components of the haul as 6.4 tons of heroin base and 12.5 tons of morphine base along with 134 kilograms of opium, 129 kilograms of crystal heroin and 12 kilograms of hashish from the “superlab” located in Farah near the country’s border with Iran. Opiates haul in Afghanistan3.png

 United Nations reported two months ago that Afghanistan’s opium harvest had increased 43 percent compared to last year’s crop

Taking place Oct. 17, the raid was a joint mission involving the DEA, American Special Forces and specially trained Afghani officers.
The conservative estimated street value the seizure is about $60 million and according to Steven Bell:  “This drug seizure alone prevented not only a massive amount of heroin hitting the streets throughout the world but also denied the Taliban money that would have been used to fund insurgent activities in and around the region,” the DEA spokesman told ABC News yesterday.
Afghanistan remains the world’s foremost supplier of heroin and the illicit drug trade remains the main source of funding for their insurgency. The October operation targeted the Hadimama drug trafficking network, led by Abdul Rahman, “a suspected Taliban commander,” and Haji Janan, “a suspected Taliban facilitator and narco-trafficker.”
According to DEA  sources the two men “were believed to be producing heroin in these labs to fund their insurgent activities”.

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