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Philadelphia woman fatally shoots ex-boyfriend while they’re arguing and driving, before fleeing car wreck on foot

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27-year-old Philadelphia woman, Martina Westcott, fatally shot her ex-boyfriend while he was driving before fleeing on foot
Terrell Bruce , a 33-year-old Philadelphia based real estate agent was allegedly shot in the temple by Westcott as they were arguing during the drive in Philadelphia, Pa., on Tuesday afternoon
The dead Bruce lost control of his SUV and crashed into another car
The spurned ex-lover turned killer then fled the scene on  foot, causing a furious manhunt
Westcott turned herself in to police on Wednesday
Cops found a  semi-automatic hand gun, believed related to the shooting, buried under leaves near the crash site on Wednesday, Dec 28
Westcott has been charged with murder in the shooting death of Terrell Bruce
Terrell Bruce  was allegedly shot and killed by his girlfriend having an argument while driving
A 33-year-old Philadelphia man, known as compassionate and selfless among friends and family, was shot to death by his girlfriend after the couple got into a heated argument while driving on Tuesday afternoon, police said.Martina Westcott, 27, turned herself in to police Wednesday and was charged with murder after admitting to fatally shooting Terrell Bruce in the head in the course of an argument while they were driving around a section of north Philadelphia around 12:30 p.m., a police spokesman told The Philly Inquirer.

martina-westcott1Martina Westcott allegedly shot and killed her boyfriend while he was driving on Tuesday. She fled the scene on foot
27-year-old Martina Westcott who fled the scene, turned herself in on Tuesday.
The fatal shot caused Terrell Bruce to lose control of his SUV and crash into another vehicle. Cops arrived within minutes, and initially thought Bruce had died from the collision since Westcott who was a passenger in the car during the incident, unbeknown to the officers, had already left the scene.
That is until medics took Bruce out of the car and discovered a gunshot wound to his right temple.

terrell-bruce-left-33-here-with-his-twin-brother-brandon-bruce1Terrell Bruce [left] with his twin brother Brandon Bruce, was slain by his girlfriend while driving on Tuesday. he then lost control of his SUV and crashed into another car

A hunt for Martina Westcott was launched after witnesses gave investigators the description of a woman seen get out of the car and run away immediately following the crash.
When Westcott fled the scene, she ran to her mother’s house. After confessing her crime to her mother, she then turned herself into police.
On Wednesday, Philadelphia police announced that they had found a semi-automatic hand gun in the leaves near the Walnut Street Bridge . Police believe the gun is possibly related to Tuesday’s shooting death of Terrell Bruce and subsequent automobile crash, involving his SUV.

the-shooting-caused-bruce-to-lose-control-of-the-car-and-crash-into-another-vehicle1After the fatal shot, Bruce lost control of his Ford Expedition and crashed into another vehicle

Police would not immediately reveal what the couple had been arguing about before the fatal shooting. Terrell Bruce’s twin brother, Brandon Bruce, posted a message about his twin on social media that read:
“A selfless, hard worker, widely known for putting the interests of others ahead of his own, Terrell was a well-regarded pillar in the community despite his young age”.

PCRASH29-aPolice found a semi-automatic hand gun buried under leaves near the Walnut Street Bridge, possibly  related to Terrell Bruce’s shooting and auto crash on Wednesday December 28, 2016 Courtesy 

The brother said his twin was a real-estate agent who was passionate about helping disadvantaged Philadelphians gain home ownership and financial independence.
Just a few days before allegedly shooting her ex-boyfriend to death,the University of Pennsylvania graduate who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public health at Thomas Jefferson University, made a series of cryptic Facebook posts.

Martina Westcott Facebook posting1.png

“If someone ever suggests, ‘Don’t fall in love, he might break your heart,’ your only response should be, ‘don’t live, you might die,’ ” she wrote in one.
Westcott was been charged with Bruce’s murder after homicide detectives questioned her.


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