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Incest leads to triple murder-suicide! Steven and Katie Pladl, father and daughter in NC incest case, their love child, Katie’s step-dad, dead in multi-state killing rampage

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Incestuous dad, kills daughter, their love child and daughter’s step-dad in triple murder-suicide in a multi-state shooting spree, Thursday
Steven Walter Pladl first shot 7-month-old son Bennet Pladl, the child he had with his daughter in Knightdale, NC
Pladl, a product tester for Amazon, then travelled to New Milford, Conn and shot his daughter, Katie Rose Pladl, and her adoptive dad, Anthony Fusco, 56
Pladl then turned the gun on himself in Dover, NY, on April 10
Steven Pladl, 42, and Katie Pladl, 20, were arraigned before a Henrico County court in Virginia, in Jan on charges related to incest
The father and daughter had been living as a couple in Knightdale, NC, with their infant love child
Steven Pladl split up with his wife separated in Nov 2016, after Katie moved in with her dad 
The wife told authorities that her husband would sleep on the floor of their daughter’s room before she moved out of the home
On May 23, 2017, the wife discovered through the journal of one of her other children that Katie was pregnant with her husband’s baby
The pair who apparently got married  on July 21, 2017, were arrested on Jan 27 in Knightdale, NC
Each charged with incest with adult, adultery, contributing to delinquency

Steven and Katie pladl 6
Licentious killer Steven Walther Pladl [left], and Katie Pladl [right], the daughter he first corrupted and subsequently murdered along with the product of their union. In his path he swept her adoptive dad along in his killing spree.

Steven Pladl and his ex-wife Alyssa Pladl had their first child Katie when Alyssa was 17 and Steven, 22. They gave her up for adoption. 18 years later she came back to haunt them. Steven divorced his wife to marry his daughter and have a son. Thursday he brought the unfortunate saga to an apocalyptic end.
The father-daughter couple who allegedly had an incestuous relationship were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide along with their love child, according to police.
Steven Walter Pladl killed his daughter, Katie Rose Pladl, their infant son and Katie’s adoptive dad in a multi-state shooting spree Thursday before ultimately turning the gun on himself on March 10.

Anthony Fusco and katie Fusco Plad 1.jpgPladl, travelled to New Milford, Conn and shot his daughter, Katie Rose Pladl, [right] and her adoptive dad, Anthony Fusco, [left]

NC Father and daughter, Steven Pladl and Katie Pladl, charged with incest after they have baby together

The triple murder-suicide came after the biological dad and daughter were arrested in January on incest charges following the birth of their son, Bennet Pladl.
Three months ago Steven Pladl, 42, and his biological daughter Katie Pladl, 20, were extradited from their Knightdale, North Carolina home, where they were living as a couple, and charged with incest in the Henrico County court in Virginia.

Steven and Katie Pladl, father and daughter who have been accused of incest after having a love child. .jpgFather and daughter love team: Steven and Katie Pladl, who were arrested and charged with incest after wedding and having a love child. 

Authorities said the murderous rampage started in Knightdale, NC, where the Steven killed their 7-month-old son he had with Katie. The baby, Bennett Pladl, was discovered dead Thursday morning by officers responding to a welfare check.
According to a news station WTIC  report, Pladl then travelled to New Milford, Conn., and allegedly shot his 20-year-old daughter and her 56-year-old adoptive father, Anthony Fusco, to death. They were found dead Thursday morning inside a truck with the window shot out at an intersection on Route 7.
The suspect was discovered across the state line in Dover, New York, in a light blue mini-van with North Carolina registration. He was found dead of an apparent suicide just miles away in NY, according to police.
Authorities said the father and daughter were living as a couple in North Carolina. They were arrested after officials were notified about a possible love child. The couple was set to appear in court April 23.
Steven’s mother who had moved into the home the pair shared, to look after the children after the couple were arrested, reportedly contacted police in NC for the welfare check Thursday morning after Pladl picked up his son from her care. Allegedly ,he had admitted to killing his wife and child.
“Oh God, he told me to call the police and I shouldn’t go over there,” Steven’s mother told the dispatcher during a 911 call.
“He killed his baby in the house,” the caller said.
“His wife broke up with him over the phone yesterday…” the caller continued. “I can’t even believe this is happening.”

Steven and Katie Pladl  4.jpgSteven and Katie Pladl, did father and daughter [center], get married? His parents are seen with the pair in this apparent wedding photo
Steven and Katie Pladl  5.jpgKatie’s Instagram post appears to answer that question affirmatively Pladl,did they get married?

Steven Pladl who works as a product tester for Amazon, had been released on an amended bond by a Henrico County Judge on Mar 16. He was not allowed contact with Katie Pladl or his two children who live in Henrico. As a condition of his bond, he could no longer reside at the 106 Earlston Court home he shared with Katie, where the infant was found dead Thursday.
Katie was also previously jailed in Henrico, but was released on Feb. 28, with a $12,000 secured bond and ordered to avoid contact with Steven. The conditions of her release were that she must reside with her adoptive parents, who live in New York, but she was allowed to travel outside of the state.
The couple reportedly married in July 2017 and their son was born a few months later, in September. The arrest warrant indicated that the couple intended to marry after he was divorced in June 2017 and online pictures were captioned as wedding photos between the couple.

Steven Pladl and his ex-wife Alyssa Pladl 1.pngSteven Pladl [left],and his ex-wife Alyssa Pladl [left], had their first child Katie when Alyssa was 17 and Steven, 22. They gave her up for adoption. 18 years later she came back to haunt them. The couple had two other daughters, living with them before their divorce.
Police investigate the crime scene after a double murder and suicide 2.jpegPolice investigate the crime scene after Pladl allegedly shot Katie and her step-dad in murder suicide, Thursday
Police investigate the crime scene after a double murder and suicide.jpegPolice found Steven Pladl dead in his van miles away in Dover, NY. Apparently he’d shot himself, Thursday

The relationship between Steven Pladl was 22 and former wife, Alyssa, was 17 when they had Katie and opted to put her up for adoption in 1998. Eighteen years later, Katie located her biological parents in 2016 after she tracked them down on social media.
She ultimately moved in with them, and called the pair mom and dad, Alyssa said.
Before Katie moved into Alyssa and Steven’s Henrico home, she lived in New York with her adoptive parents, Kelly and Anthony Fusco.
Katie, an artist, said in her online portfolio that she planned to attend Dutchess Community College in August 2016 and focus in online advertising. However, soon after, Steven and Katie began a sexual relationship, giving birth to a child in September 2017.
Based on Katie’s social media account, the father and daughter had a small wedding ceremony with his mother and a few additional guests. In the pictures posted, Katie is shown clearly pregnant and embracing her dad. Police used the pictures posted on her as social media account as evidence of their illegal relationship in the prosecution



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