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Rush hour train crash in New York leaves at least 103 injured- 600 passengers aboard when carriage derailed

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Derailed carriage smashes into Brooklyn platform during rush hour 
The train failed to come to a complete stop at the station and hit the bumper at the end of the track

Metal safety doors were left smashed in after the train crashed carrying around 600 passengers sending people “flying everywhere” 

At least 103 injured  
The smashed front of her train after the crash that left over a hundred people injured
More than 100 people have been injured after a rush hour train derailed and smashed into a platform this morning, in New York City.
The Long Island Rail Road train overshot its platform and plowed into a bumper block, injuring more than 100 rush hour commuters Wednesday at the Atlantic Terminal.
The New York city bound train was coming from Far Rockaway, arriving at the Brooklyn transit hub around 8:20 a.m. when it slammed into the block at the end of the track .

At least 103 people suffered minor injuries, and one woman broke leg, as glass panels and metal safety doors smashed in after the train crashed while travelling at about 10 to 15mph.
Witnesses say the train was going too fast as it entered the station carrying around 600 passengers, but officials are yet to confirmed whether speed was a factor

Injured passenger being removed by EMT5.pngMembers of the New York City Police Department and New York City Fire Department carry an injured person away damage-to-the-platforms-safety-doors-1
Damage to the platform’s safety doors
Members of the New York City Police Department and New York City Fire Department carry an injured person away 
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at a briefing at the crash site confirmed that the train failed to stop on time and struck a bumping block, which caused it to derail, but police say the cause of the crash is not immediately known, and the incident is under investigation.

In the words of Daniel Alvarez, a commuter :  “The train was rolling into the station as usual. It was packed, so everyone was standing up.
“Then all of a sudden, a huge crash. Talk about hitting a brick wall.”

Emergency personnel inspect the damage at the Atlantic Avenue Terminal
At least 103 people have been injured

Passenger Ry Karl shared footage of the train embedded in the terminal as shell-shocked commuters are seen staring at the wreckage.
He wrote on Twitter: “Well, this is one way to start the morning. My train crashed through Atlantic Terminal. Hope everyone else is ok.”
Witnesses reported hearing a loud boom when the train crashed at 8.30am (1.30pm) local time today.

Commuters examine the train wreck
injured-passenger-being-removed-by-emt2NYPD officers stretcher a man away after the crash
Emergency vehicles at the crash site

Some of the injured were transported to hospital, while emergency crews treated the “walking wounded” on the spot
The New York City Fire Department said there were no serious injuries in the incident.They tweeted: “103 injuries reported at scene of Atlantic Terminal LIRR train derailment, all non-life-threatening.

Injured passenger being removed by EMT3.pngAccording to the New York City Fire Department, there were no serious injuries 
police-activity-on-the-platform-after-the-train-crash1NY Emergency authorities review activities at the crash site
Emergency crews at the scene
 pry open the doors to help the injured

“Patients are going to Brooklyn Hospital, Methodist Hospital & Kings County Hospital.”
Another passenger Aaron Neufeld said the majority of people injured were in the first carriage.Injured passenger being removed by EMTs1.png

Emergency crews at the scene carry out a clearly distressed passenger

LIRR, which operates the train, tweeted after the incident: “Anticipate possible delays into and out of Atlantic Terminal this morning due to an incident at the terminal.”



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