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Pennsylvania Couple accused of raping and dismembering adoptive daughter, had been palnning her murder for a year – Jacob Sullivan confessed he and Sara Packer killed 14-year-old Grace Packer

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Grace Packer,  was abused in three previous homes before she was butchered in a rental home in Quakertown, Pa., on July 8,  2016 
Grace Packer,  was allegedly raped, strangled and dismembered by her adoptive mother, Sara Packer, and her boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan 
Investigators reveal that Sara Packer and  44-year-old Jacob Sullivan were in ‘polyamorous’ relationship with Katherine Allbright
The unicorn, 38-year-old Katherine ‘Kate’ Allbright, is a  social worker who calls herself ‘homoflexible’ and ‘INTJ’ – short for a psychological type known as ‘the mastermind’ 
Sara Packer’s  ex-husband David Packer is a convicted child molester too, who abused grace at age nine and her older foster-sister when she was 15
The couple who had made a suicide pact were found unconscious in their basement 
Sara Packer reported her adoptive daughter as a runaway and profited off her daughter’s murder by lying that Grace was still alive so she could continue cashing her social security checks. 
Sullivan allegedly has made a hospital-bed confession to staff revealing that he and Packer had murdered her daughter while Allbright is being treated as a ‘person of interest’ but has not been charged
Grace Packer’s biological parents lost her to foster care at age 3 based on charges of sexual abuse by other adults in their home
Suspect Sara Packer said she only got know her ex knew he had sexual contact with the older girl only when the victim was 18  – a claim officials described as ‘bizarre’  
Packer and Sullivan are being held without bail in Bucks County Jail, preliminary hearing is set for Jan 20
They are both facing the death penalty

The short life of Grace Packer has been revealed as an appalling litany of neglect and abuse before she was brutally raped and murdered.
The 14-year-old was strangled to death last July in a remote house in Pennsylvania after being tortured for hours by her adoptive mother, Sara Packer, and her boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, according to a criminal complaint.
They later dismembered and dumped her body, the complaint stated.
Sullivan confessed to the killing in hospital last week after he and Packer failed in a joint suicide pact.
He admitted that his girlfriend, a former Northampton county adoptions supervisor, had been ‘sexually aroused’ by the rape of her daughter, the affidavit states.
They were charged this week with rape, murder and abuse of a corpse in the killing.

Grace Packer, 14, was strangled to death and later dismembered in a house in Pennsylvania after being tortured by her adoptive mother, Sara Packer and her boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan
Tragic teenager Grace Packer, was raped, poisoned and strangled to death by her adoptive mother, Sara Packer and boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan. After the torture, the 14-year-old was dismembered by the couple

Adopted by Sara Packer and her husband, David Packer , in 2004. David was arrested in 2010 for sexually abusing Grace when she was nine years old and another 15-year-old foster child. The couple later divorced. He also assaulted her older foster sister. Upon David’s arrest, Sarah Packer also lost her $44,ooo a year job as an adoption supervisor. David Packer was jailed for his molestation in 2011. He has since been released and is registered as a sexually violent predator.

Prosecutors were unable to prove that Sara Packer knew about the abuse.

The lifelong abuse of Grace Packer allegedly began when she was a toddler.
Born in August 2001 Grace was named Susan at birth by parents, Rose and Rodney Hunsicker in Reading, Pennsylvania, who it is reported, lost custody of the toddler over allegations that other adults were sexually abusing their young children.
3-year-old Susan was adopted by Sara Packer and her husband, David Packer, in 2004, and her name was changed to Grace. The Packers also adopted her one-year-brother while an older sister, aged six or seven, went to another foster home.
The birth parents lost contact with all three of their children.
At the time she gained custody of Grace and her brother, Sara Packer was a year into her job at the Northampton County’s Children, Youth and Families Division, where she was involved with foster care and adoption services. She was promoted to supervisor in 2007.
David Packer was convicted was arrested in 2010, convicted and jailed in 2011. He has now been released and is registered as a violent predator
Sara Packer was never charged, but there was some concern she was aware of the abuse and didn’t stop it.
The couple were in a 'polyamorous' relationship with another woman, named as Katherine Allbright - a 38-year-old social worker
The the pair of Sarah Packer and Jacob Sullivan were in a ‘polyamorous’ relationship with another woman, named as Katherine Allbright [above],  a 38-year-old social worker in Delaware county 

The extent of the sexual hedonism practiced in the Packer household is further exposed as it has been revealed that the pair of Sarah Packer and Jacob Sullivan were in a ‘polyamorous’ relationship with another woman, named as Katherine Allbright,  a 38-year-old social worker in Delaware county.

 The self-confessed unicon,  Allbright, described herself on Facebook as a ‘homoflexible, lesbian, pan/feminist’. She also lists herself as  ‘INTJ’ an abbreviation for ‘introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment’, otherwise called ‘the mastermind’.

Following her husband’s jail sentence, Sara Packer began a relationship with Jacob Sullivan. Sara and David Packer divorced in August 2016.
Allbright had been in a relationship with Packer and Sullivan for the past 18 months, culminating in the trio forming  a tripod live-in arrangement in basement apartment in Horsham, Pennsylvanian around mid-December, 2016.

The Packer rental home. The teen’s corpse was kept in the attic for four months. According to their neighbor, they had both tried to commit suicide in the basement

Sullivan then allegedly strangled her. ‘He explained it was more physical and took much longer than he expected,’ according to the affidavit.
The girl’s body was smothered with cat litter to hide the smell of decomposition.On July 11, Sara Packer reported her daughter missing , telling police the teen may have run away from their Abington home after an argument and had stolen $300 from her.
She raised suspicions when she failed to drop off a promised photograph of her daughter to police and moved without telling them, taking Grace’s 12-year-old brother with her.
Police learned in September, 2016 that Packer’s two children had been withdrawn from the Abington School District and moved 35 miles away to Quakertown.
Following a police visit to Packer’s Quakertown home on October 11, Packer and Sullivan allegedly dismembered Grace’s body in the bathtub with a saw.
Detectives would later find the receipts for the saw and spare blades in Packer’s possession.
The girl’s remains was spread across woodland in Luzerne County and over the following weeks, the suspects allegedly disposed of other evidence.missing-persons-flyer-for-grace-packer

Sara Packer fed law enforcement false info. In this original missing persons poster for Grace Packer, it says she stole $300 from her mother

The remains were found by hunters on October 31 and the identified was confirmed using dental records. Sara Packer also reportedly profited off her daughter’s murder, lying that Grace was still alive so she could collect her social security checks.
She cashed in $712 monthly for her care, never disclosing that Grace was not at the home.
She was charged with obstruction of justice and was named a person of interest in Grace’s murder in December. Police said Packer ‘withheld critical information’ and gave ‘misleading statements’.
She was released after posting $1,000 bail despite objections from the prosecutor and was believed to have moved into the basement apartment in Horsham with Sullivan and Allbright.
On December 30, Allbright made a 911 call when she found her boyfriend unconscious after a suicide attempt at the home.
‘I don’t know if you have watched the news lately. Someone we were involved with was recently… It’s a big mess. It’s a big mess and I don’t really know how to explain it. But oh my God,’ she told the dispatcher, according to the affidavit.

Grace Packer's remains were discarded on an isolated country road1.jpg
After four months of being stashed in the attic, the murdering couple dismembered Grace Packer’s remains which was were discarded on an isolated country  road. She was identified through dental records

 Allbright later found Packer unconscious at the apartment and drove her to hospital. Police believe that Packer and Sullivan made a suicide pact.

Sullivan allegedly made a hospital-bed confession to staff as he recovered, revealing that he and Packer had murdered her daughter.
Sullivan apologized as he was led into court from the hospital, telling reporters: ‘I’m sorry for what I did to the girl.’
Packer said nothing when she was led into the same court.
Packer and Sullivan are being held without bail in Bucks County Jail and are due in court for a preliminary hearing on January 20.
Weintraub said that the death penalty was being considered in the case.|



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