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Australian mum who claimed witchcraft made her kill her three children by driving into lake pleads guilty to murder; Didn’t want to share custody with ex and his wife

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Akon Guode (left) has now pled guilty to murder
Akon Guode, 37, today pleaded guilty to murdering her one-year-old son and 4-year-old twins in Melbourne’s SW, Australia, Tuesday
Goude who earlier told the court had witchcraft made her kill her three children by driving into lake, recanted and admitted murder triple homicide plus a count of attempted homicide
She pled guilty to murdering her 1-year-old son, 4-year-old twins, and the attempted murder of her 6-year-old daughter in April, 2015
Boyfriend Joseph Tito Manyang, father of the three dead children apparently was breaking off their relationship and returning to his wife
Witness testified she overheard Guode threaten she’d: “rather take her own life and that of the kids” than see them live with her lover, Joseph Manyang, and his wife


Akon Guode deliberately drowned her children, in a fit of jealousy

 A mom who claimed witchcraft made her drive her three children into a lake has now pled guilty to murder. According to  Akon Guode, 37, in court today, admitted she deliberately caused the death of her one-year-old son and 4-year-old twins, Hanger and Madit,as well as, attempting to murder her 6-year-old daughter in April 2015.
Guode has previously pled not guilty to murdering her three children when she crashed into Lake Gladman in Wyndham Vale in Melbourne’s southwest.
Last April she said in court she should not be blamed for her children’s death and claimed witchcraft could have been behind the fatal crash.

Bol and the twins.pngKilled: one-year-old Bol and twins Madit and Hanger, 4, all died after their mother drove them into a lake in April , 2015
Joseph Tito Manyang (left), the father of the three children allegedly murdered by their mum1.jpgJoseph Tito Manyang (left), the father of the three children killed by his former mistress,  in a Wyndam Vale lake

A key witness previously told the court Guode thought she was under a “spell” and she claimed her lover’s wife may have been behind it.
The court also heard in July last year a woman allegedly heard Guode admit she caused the death of her three children.
During Guode’s committal hearing, her ex-boyfriend Joseph Tito Manyang, who is also the father of the three dead children said he believed the tragedy was an accident and continued to visit Guode in prison, but iwas believed at the time, that he was returning to his wife.
“I’m still believing Akon, she didn’t do it,” he told the court on June 28.
But an investigator told the court he believed the car was driven in deliberately.

 Guode's  car submerged in the lake2.jpg
Akon Guode’s submerged after it plunged into a lake
The defendant’s car being removed from Lake Gladman in Melbourne, Victoria
However, after examining and simulating the crash scenario, Victoria Police collision investigators disagreed with her version of events. Detective Senior Constable Robert Hay concluded: . “From the drive-throughs of the collision scene, it is my opinion that the car could not and did not just drift off the roadway,” he said in a report tendered to Guode’s committal hearing.

He also said the tests demonstrated a driver would have to turn the steering wheel three times to get to the lake’s ballast area on the banks of Manor Lakes from the road next to it.

a-crash-demonstration-test-convinced-investigators-the-van-could-only-get-into-the-lake-with-delibrate-intentions1A crash investigator said tests demonstrated the car could only end up in the lake if the driver intend to end up there  

“During the drive-through it was demonstrated that there would be three turns of the steering wheel to get to the ballast area,” Sr Constable Hay wrote.
He says his analysis of the scene shows Guode’s car veered off Manor Lakes Boulevard, passed between trees planted on the grass reserve and continued along the reserve’s concrete walking track.
It then travelled down the bank, striking large rocks, and landed in the lake.

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