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British couple used profits from their drug empire to live lavishly, put their three children through $124,000 private school – while claiming unemployement

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Manchester man Shiraz Amjad Sharif, 45, and his wife Salina, 46, lived a “lavish lifestyle” thanks to their drug empire
The recently convicted drug dealers used profits from their empire to put their three children through $123,800 private school
Police raided the Sharif’s home and discovered nearly $38,000 worth of pure crystallized MDMA 
The Manchester Crown Court convicted the couple of money laundering, Thursday, but only Salina Sharif could be jailed 
Her husband and co-defendant Shiraz Sharif had fled to Pakistan leaving her to stand trial alone 
Salina was sentenced to two and a half years in prison

Shiraz,  convicted in absentia, of possession with intent to supply Schedule I drugs, was sentenced to four-and-half years in prison

A COUPLE who ran a drug empire and banked nearly a million dollars spent their money on luxury holidays and spent $123,800 a year on private education for each of their three children, yet told the authorities they were unemployed.
Shiraz Amjad Sharif, and wife Salina, lived a “lavish lifestyle” thanks to their thriving narcotics empire.
Shiraz Amjad Sharif, 45, and his 46-year-old wife, wife Salina Sharif of Manchester, UK were found guilty of money laundering at the Crown Court on Thursday.
However only Salina, who was abandoned to face the music, could be jailed after her husband fled to Pakistan in May 2016,  leaving her to stand trial alone.

shiraz-amjad-sharif1Fugitive: Shiraz Amjad Sharif was also sentenced to serve 4-and-half years in absentia. Only his wife was jailed after he fled to Pakistan last May

Greater Manchester Police raided the Sharif’s home in Levenshulme in Manchester and discovered $37,800 worth of pure crystallized MDMA and a large amount of drug paraphernalia.
A police investigation revealed the couple claimed to be unemployed. Salina even accepted a $1,200 student loan by claiming she was a student and tax credits for their three children.
Despite claiming to have no job, the Sharif’s extravagant purchases included a $74,000 Range Rover, designer goods from Armani, Kurt Geiger and Gucci worth more than $38,000.
The family also enjoyed a $52,000 trip to Florida, at the same time the couple also managed to spend almost $123,800 putting their children through private school.

Left holding the bag: Salina Sharif has been jailed 2-and-half years for ‘possession with intent to distribute’. She used the proceeds of a drug empire to bank-roll her family’s “lavish lifestyle”

Before he fled to Islamabad in May 2016, Shiraz was driving around in a top of the range Audi A6 and also spent thousands on designer goods and luxuries as well as sending money to family in Pakistan.
Salina Sharif was handed a two-and-half year prison sentence. Her fugitive husband, Shiraz, who was also convicted of possession with intent to supply Schedule I drugs, was sentenced in absentia to four-and-half years, in jail.

The couple drove premium autos including a top of the line Range Rover and Audi A6, both worth around $130,000, while claiming to be unemployed
Cops also found drug paraphernalia [photo] during the raid of the Sharif’s home

Commenting on the case Lead inveastigator, Detective Constable Dave Berry said: “Having lead on this investigation since 2014 and seen first-hand the lifestyle the Sharif’s lived, I can honestly say it is staggering that they would have the audacity to live so lavishly yet think they wouldn’t get caught.
“They brazenly flaunted their riches despite claiming to be unemployed yet dropped their children off at an expensive private school in a $74,000 Range Rover.
“I hope this will read as a cautionary tale to anyone who thinks they can revel in their ill-gotten gains and get away with it.
“It may seem like a great idea when you’re flying to destinations like Florida or the Egyptian Red Sea but that feeling will soon turn to regret when you’re sat in a prison cell.”





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