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Navy Sailor, Chadwick Stanley Ghesquiere, jailed 11-years for putting a $100,000 ‘kill’ contract on estranged wife ‘so he didn’t have to pay child support’

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Former US Navy sailor Chadwick Stanley Ghesquiere, of Virginia Beach, VA admitted to hiring a hitman to murder his wife
Ghesquiere, 38, wanted his soon-to-be ex dead so ‘he didn’t have to deal with her or pay child support’ 
He told the ‘hitman’ who happened to be  an undercover federal special agent, that he and estranged wife, Kathryn Ghesquiere, 34,  were having marital issues
The couple were going through a contentious divorce, he alleged she was cheating on him with her ex-husband and abusing alcohol and drugs 
He tried to pay an ATF agent posing as hitman $1,000 in cash, 80 Adderall pills and a gun to commit the murder – with a promise to pay a further $50,000 from his $100,000 life insurance policy
Chadwick was sentenced to 11-years in prison , the judge also ordered mental health treatment during incarceration for the former navy petty officer 
hadwick-stanley-ghesquiere4Chadwick Ghesquiere was caught on camera by his would-be killer trying to ‘buy-a-murder’

A Navy sailor has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for trying to hire a hit man to kill his estranged wife.
Prosecutors say former petty officer second class, Chadwick Ghesquiere hired an undercover federal agent to kill his estranged wife, promising the agent $50,000 of his $100,000 life insurance policy for conducting the murder.
Ghesquiere also offered 80 Adderall pills as part of the deal to kill his estranged wife, Kathryn Ghesquiere, 34. The medicine had been prescribed to him by the Navy according to WAVY-TV.
Federal agents only learned of the alleged plot from one of Ghesquiere’s friends, although the hatching of the deal was caught by Federal agents on hidden camera. The entire hatching of the plot was caught on camera.

Special Agent Edward Winkelspecht with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) said an informant met with ATF and NCIS special agents and informed them of Ghesquiere’s plot.

The source told them that after Ghesquiere and his wife stopped living together and separated, Ghesquiere said he wanted to ‘get rid of her.’
Ghesquiere faced a maximum sentence of 14 years but in the end was given three years less after pleading guilty in October.
In court documents, it was revealed that Ghesquiere and his wife were going through a divorce at the time, which left him dissatisfied with the turn of events. In court however, he attempted to justify this trying to put the contract on Kathryn buy arguing that she was cheating on him at the time with her ex-husband and was abusing alcohol and drugs, neglecting their son.
He also admitted that he that he tried to distance himself during the investigation by using a prepaid burner phone to set up a meeting with the agent who he assumed was a hitman.

Ghesquiere claimed his ex-wife refused to let him visit his son in early July, even though he had partial custody of the child.
Allegedly, as Ghesquiere became more frustrated by the situation, he told a friend the situation would be much easier if his estranged wife was removed.
Court documents revealed Ghesquiere said his son would tell him that he was hungry because his mother was too drunk to cook him dinner. On another occasion, he noticed a burn on his son’s leg, which he found out was from a cigarette burn that had occurred while the youngster was at the home of his mother.

Kathryn Ghesquiere refuted the defense claims in federal court on Monday, in a victim witness impact statement: “I don’t know how to explain to a seven-year-old why daddy tried to kill mommy,” she told the courtroom. “Please give my son justice.”hadwick-stanley-ghesquiere2

The court ordered mental health treatment during incarceration for former navy petty officer Chadwick Ghesquiere

 Ghesquiere commented in court saying his actions don’t reflect him and he is shocked about his choices. He also stated he let a lot of people down, including his son.

His defense attorney said his client ‘made one poor decision.’
‘Mr. Ghesquiere is a good man with no prior record who has served this Country for almost a decade,’ Assistant Federal Public Defender Keith Kimball wrote of the ex-sailor.
‘Mr. Ghesquiere did not want his son to grow up in a bad environment and he made a poor and very misguided decision out of desperation to help his son. Mr. Ghesquiere is extremely remorseful and ashamed.’
The court recommended that the defendant be moved to a prison in Ohio in order to be closer to his parents. The judge also ordered mental health treatment while in prison, for the former navy petty officer






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