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Tragic 14-year-old Fla. girl livestreams her own suicide on Facebook from the bathroom of her foster home – three weeks after 12-year-old also killed herself on camera

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Nakia Venant, of Miami Gardens, Florida, was found hanging from shower door in a foster home Sunday 
remarkably, the 14-year-old livestreamed her suicide on Facebook, a friend alerted cops after seeing it on social media
Help arrived too late to save her 
It was a copy cat death, channelling the front yard hanging of 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis, just three weeks ago, Davis also killed herself on live broadcast and actor Jay Bowdy who also committed suicide on Facebook on Monday
Nakia’s birth mother claimed the 7th-grader had a troubled history, including run-ins with the law and expulsions   
Nakia Venant6.pngTroubled teen, Nakia Venant broadcast her own death on Facebook Live from herfoster home as she hanged herself in the bathroom on Sunday, in Miami, Fla

In a disturbing throwback to the tragic death of a 12-year-old girl in Georgia just weeks ago, another teenage girl, a  14-year-old from Miami, Florida broadcast the horrible tableau to a social media platform as she hung herself the shower door.

Help arrived too late to save Nakia

One of the girl’s friends told the Miami Herald she saw some of Nakia Venant’s two-hour livestream on Sunday from the bathroom of her foster home and called Miami-Dade police, who responded to her house, albeit too late to prevent the death-by-suicide as ruled by the Florida Department of Children and Families.
nakia-venant4Responding officers found Nakia Venant hanging from the door frame in the bathroom.
The caller gave cops a wrong address in Miami, according to the paper. When police showed up there, residents gave them the address of Venant’s foster home in the suburb of Miami Gardens.
Officers found the 14-year-old hanging from a scarf fashioned into a noose around her neck and tried to resuscitate her, but without success.
The teen was then rushed to Jackson North Hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead. According to the incident report released by the DCF to the Herald, Nakia tied her scarf to a ‘shower glass door frame’ for the purpose of killing herself just after 3 a.m., Sunday, while her  foster parents were asleep in their bed.
Child social services and Miami Gardens police are now investigating the circumstances of her suicide.
It is believed Nakia used Facebook Live to broadcast her suicide, although it has not been confirmed as of Wednesday morning.
Venant’s livestreamed death comes just three weeks after another girl, 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis, of Georgia, raised public consternation by broadcasting her own self-inflicted hanging on Facebook Davis had been posting claims she had been sexually abused by a relative in her home. Continuing the current trend of suicide-on-social media,  actor Jay Bowdy committed suicide while streaming on Facebook Live on Monday Jan. 23. 2017 in North Hollywood, California. The 33-year-old aspiring actor killed himeself during a live broadcast, days after he was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

The seventh grade student of the Young Women’s Preparatory Academy,
Nakia Venant, was a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Based on her social media history, Nakia was a prolific Facebook user.
One of her last status updates appeared on her page on the eve of her suicide. The omnious message read: ‘Need Plans For Tmr #CommentsSuggestions’
As news of her death spread online, dozens of people took to her Facebook page, under the user name ‘HotHead Nikee,’ to express their condolences and pay tribute to her all-too-brief life.

nakia-venant2Youthful rebellion ends in a tragic manner: Her birth mother  wrote on Facebook that her Nakia had authority issues, including run-ins with the law and schools expulsionsnakia-venant7apparently the problems of early adolescence led Nakia Venant into the foster care system in Miami Gardens, Florida. 

A woman who identified herself as the tragic teen’s biological mother characterized Nakia’s childhood as a turbulent one.
‘I was showing you tough love when u misbehaved,’ she wrote, claiming that Nakia had gone to jail twice, got expelled from two or three schools, had sex, smoked marijuana and drank alcohol.
‘You wasn’t supposed to even have access to Internet as part of your case,’ she went on to say of Nakia. ‘The system has failed us……’
She is survived by a younger brother.

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