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Ohio father, son – Timothy and Esten Ciboro, jailed for life, convicted of shackling and raping minor step daughter in basement

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Timothy Ciboro, 53,  and 28-year-old Esten Ciboro, found guilty on charges of rape, kidnapping and child endangerment, Friday
Ohio father Timothy Ciboro, accused of shackling and raping his 13-year-old step daughter in his basement, starting when the victim was 9
Timothy’s adult son Esten Ciboro, also charged with assaulting his stepsister in similar manner at their home in Toledo, Ohio
Both men were  also charged with sexual molestation of Timothy’s 9-year-old biological daughter
Against the advise of the court, the Ciboros had elected to represent themselves, claiming they would use the Bible as their legal guide
Father and son both jailed for life
timothy-ciboro-and-esten-ciboro4Esten Ciboro [foreground] and his father Timothy Ciboro, make their entrance in court for their arraignment hearing
A father and his adult son in Toledo, Ohio were jailed for life, Friday after being convicted of raping and torturing a teenage relative and another minor child in their household.
Timothy Ciboro, 53, allegedly shackled a 13-year-old step daughter, from a broken marriage in the basement of  his home in Toledo Ohio. He and his 28-year-old son, Esten Ciboro, took turns raping their victim while keeping her in a state ‘fit only for animal’,  feeding her dog food and making her use an ammonium filled  bucket for a toilet.
The girl, the court was told, escaped their basement by hiding a spare key and using it to unlock her handcuffs.
Jurors found Timothy Ciboro and his son, Esten Ciboro, guilty on charges of rape, kidnapping and child endangerment.
Both Ciboro men who had elected to act as their own attorneys had denied abusing the stepdaughter, who is now 14, and the 9-year-old daughter both of whom testified they had been physically abused and sexually molested by their father and brother.

basement-where-the-13-year-old-was-allegedly-chained-in-the-ciboros-houseCold dingy basement where the 13-year-old was allegedly shackled for three years at the Ciboro’s home in Toledo, Ohio

Esten Ciboro, told jurors during his closing argument Friday that they needed to do the right thing and “reunite this family and end their suffering.”
Lucas County Judge Linda Jennings sentenced Timothy Ciboro to life without parole while his son received 68 years to life: “You two are the most depraved, demented and evil people I’ve ever seen,” the judge said.

timothy-ciboro-and-esten-ciboro1 Esten and his father Timothy Clboro [right] were convicted on charges of rape, kidnapping and child endangering.

The court heard that the Timothy Ciboro gained custody of his stepdaughter after the breakup of his marriage to the mother. She moved to Las Vegas and left the 7-year-old behind. The teenager testified earlier this week that she was restrained to the basement for varying lengths of time as punishment, to be let out when the men left the house and  she was allowed out to shower or use the restroom.
She said she was subjected to inhumane treatment, worse than the younger girl and a boy who lived in the house. Ther punishment for bed we she said, worsened from being spanked, to being locked in a bathroom to being shackled in the basement.
Investigating officers found leg irons in the basement along with a bucket the girl said she used as a toilet.
Police arrested the men last May after the teenager escaped and was found outside a downtown office building more than a mile away. She had secreted a spare key to her cuffs and broke out when the men left the house.

ciboro-home1The Ciboro  home was turned  into a house of horror for the two yong girls in the household. Timothy and his son Esten Ciboro kept his 13-year-old stepdaughter locked in a basement of their house in Ohio for over a year. The also abused a 9-year-old biological child of the family

During the trial the defendants who were representing themselves cross-examined their accuser after she described the abuse and being shackled by the ankle to a support beam in the darkened room.
Under their barrage of questions on Tuesday, she told Timothy Ciboro to stop referring to himself as her dad. “You didn’t treat me like a dad,” she said to Ciboro.
“You think I like punishing you?” Ciboro responded.
“I would say the sexual touching you enjoyed,” answered the girl.

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